More About Attitudes

Attitudes? You bet! And they're getting worse. I wonder if apologies would have prevented this, or superior firepower would have.

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friends....sub human scum all.

That's what you should call your auto-biography. indication of just how thoroughly violent , anthropologists have known about blacks for decades !
ie. you can take African's out of the jungle however, ...

When debased liberals embrace the suction of a human out of the womb by 60 million and a mere wart removal get sub humans like zeroupchuck...evil, wicked, sinister, and heathen .

Nothing really new about the sickly depraved weirdos living amongst us...what is new is that we have a "President", as sinister and as racist as every despot that has ever lived and one celled liberals do not see it ?!

Shame you haven't taken your med's today.

You are Mrs. Detroit-from now on.

Occasionally, you'll be Miss Chicago, on windy days.

And,when on a day that 6 blacks do not kill , rape, kidnap, assault, torture and kill one white man or woman for fun or to alleviate boredom brought on by 55% black unemployment in America'll be Mrs. Toledo.

I hear that Zoloff is the med to take for people like yourself, Hamishbond.

you're so whacked in the head, every post is pure nonsense.
Not one has ever made any logical sense...even chimpanzee's have grand fun at a keyboard.

How does it feel to be a buffon, Hamishbond?

maybe, your shovel wasn't ready.
Or, maybe you haven't eaten your peas.
Are your work shoes on or are your slippers on ?
We have to pass it to know what's in it.
You are probably a corps...( corpse to normal folks).

Anyways, you are one dumb son of a feral dog...

Hey moron, exactly what is a buffon ?

Take a walk alone some night through the South Side of Chicago. I doubt your views would change because you would never survive the walk.

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