buckeye express to enlist substantial fee increase on september 1

Customers of Buckeye Express will see as much as a $10-per-month rate increase for Internet service starting on September 1.

The company has developed a website giving a rather convoluted explanation as to why the rates are increasing--it has something to do with Netflix or YouTube or the government or something. (I always love when Buckeye blames the government. Especially since the Block family has been so active in promoting the liberal politicians that have inhabited the Northwest Ohio scene--FOREVER!)

For most customers of Buckeye Express, the increase will be $7 per month. There is a "fine print" addendum that indicates that if you have an Internet-only plan through Buckeye (i.e. you don't have any other service like cable television), your increase will be $10 per month.

This increase comes a little more than a year after Buckeye Express initiated a consumption plan that charges $10 for each 50 GB of use beyond your monthly allowance. That change in June 2012 forced a lot of businesses and heavy Internet users to find another provider.

Before you make the hasty decision of leaving the Buckeye CableSystem family of products, please keep in mind that the Cable company is offering the Al Jazeera channel. Gather the kids and grandma around the TV and watch the heartwarming stories relayed as only a terrorist-sponsored network can deliver. You might not have WNWO soon and you didn't have Fox 36 during the NFL playoffs last season, but you'll be able to spout radical Islamic rhetoric with the best of them!


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I don't understand why people in Toledo still use Buckeye Cable.


Internet service isn't a necessity. And there are a lot of competitors to Buckeye Cable:

3G/4G wireless
Public access in libraries and restaurants

So color me bored by this. Don't like a fee increase? Just drop your service. Toledoans are just getting poorer, so they'll have to drop something from their shrinking budgets.

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