Three More Children In Trouble, Maybe

Anyone seen this yet? Seems they were "bored" to death.

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done this murder.
Youtube-offers a much different story about them.

I'll take all bets that B.Hussein Obummer, never calls his parents with deep condolences and vomits out nonsense & idiocy he's well known for.

We need more prisons, a lot more prisons.

They are slave camps, not prisons.


they murdered a kid because they were bored. fry em or put em in a slave camp.
I dont give a shit what color the killers OR the victim were...

I like what Jim Norton said.

When will Al Sharpton start protesting Chris Lane for stealing the bullets of those 3 black kids.

You know if the President had a son he'd look like those three.


It's starting to look like the president has a whole house full of sons we never knew about.

Life is cheap. Libs prove that daily by killing their own babies.

More "4th Trimester Abortions" would be acceptable to Libs since they worship abortions

And it has been proven repeatedly that some excuses for "people" have no business using up good oxygen that a smart and productive person could use.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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