society needs to leave some school kids behind

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I recently attended a seminar that included a significant number of retired public school teachers. They shared some stories about their teaching experiences that made you realize that there is a certain percentage of the U.S. population who are, frankly, beyond help and hope. Here are a couple of stories:

One retired female teacher who had taught for 30 years in Detroit Public Schools (God bless her!) talked about the time she had chastised a male high school student for continually not paying attention in class. The student walked up and urinated on her desk. He was suspended, but back in class after a week.

A retired TPS junior high school teacher said that she was responsible for coordinating the substitute teachers assigned to her building. She would meet with the subs in the morning; and if they were females (especially young), she would give them the following advice: "In the course of a day, it's very likely that a male student will ask you to be in his sex video. The best thing to do is not to react to that statement." Also, she would warn all of the substitutes that students using the f-word is not considered an issue because--as she had been told by many parents over the years--"That's acceptable in our community."

I asked the teachers if they would send misbehaving students to the principal's office, and they laughed and said that most students wouldn't go even if they were told.

It's time we face the reality that there are kids who have no futures because they don't choose to behave in an acceptable manner. Reforming these adolescents is a liberal pipe dream. We've pumped endless tax dollars into programs to make them into half-way decent human beings--but to no avail.

We need to spend less on schools and more on prisons.

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that acceptable in? IGNORANCE!

Your entirely correct about ignorant. There's no mutha in front of it.

Apparently, that type of behavior is accepted in many communities. All of the public school teachers said that the parents of these reprobates always defend their children's behavior.

If this behavior wasn't accepted, these public schools wouldn't be filled with kids calling their teachers mother f@*#ers.

Any teachers on the forum? I would like to know if teachers have any instructions concerning students "playing with themselves" in class? I believe there are.

It's that simple.

A good example of that fear was obvious in, not a school, but the downtown Toledo Public Library. I was told by neighbors whose son used to do his "computing" there, prior to getting his own laptop, the following:

The teens would pour into one computer section in particular, after school. Several of these kids were what we would have called (in the olden days) "toughs" - both boys and girls, mind you. They intimidated other students, caused disrupton of various kinds, were loud, etc. If anyone complained to the librarians who were SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ALL THIS MISBEHAVIOR and knew what was going on... the librarians would simply brush off the complainer - and do nothing. One girl at the printer told my friends' son that he was "standing too close" in line in back of her, and that she wouldn't print her job unless he backed up. There was a line of about 5 people waiting for this little punkette - she knew it, and just wanted to start trouble. When a complaint was lodged about this, the librarian actually said... [you can't make this stuff up] - well move farther away then. This teen laughed and cackled about this for several minutes. The librarians were afraid of the students, pure and simple

THEN (not very long after the above incident) -- a big fight broke out among the toughs. This was covered on the local news. IMMEDIATELY -- presumably because now the librarians did not feel safe themselves - in other words, this was affecting them personally - the downtown library rules became extremely strict. Punks and punkettes either refrained from acting out or were asked to leave. Rules and expected decorum - that should have been absolutely adhered to - TO BEGIN WITH -- have been very effective. But that fight that broke out was directly attributable to librarians letting things slide due to their fear of scary teens.

But once you weaken rules or don't require students to follow them - and don't expel troublemakers.... you have sent a signal that anything goes. A student won't go to the principal's office? What a WIMPY excuse! The teacher simply calls the office on her cell phone and requests an escort for that student - preferably the principal or vice principal himself. He's well paid - he can get up out of his chair and visit a threatened classroom. This isn't 1963 when a student is told to do something and they automtically do it. I also think there should be cameras in all classrooms. And I think all teachers should keep baseball bats under their desks. After all, the good kids - the ones whose parents will never be able to afford private Quaker Friends type schools like the Obama girls - should be able to feel safe at school.

Sounds like the kind of rants the Nazis had in the 1030's.

I would call you retarded but I'd hate to insult handicapped people by inadvertantly associating you with them.


He tries to pass herself off as "us Euros" but we all know that NO WHITE AROUND thinks like Zeyed.

(s)He is just a poser trying to stir up trouble for all of us "creepy-ass crackers".

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Which is why all of his "flaming" basically just makes me laugh. As far as I can see, he is trying to elicit counter-flaming racial hatred remarks.

The relevant saying for his ilk is: Don't feed the trolls.

We are all paid FG. Everyone but you.


Again and again posters prove my point. Instead of embacing the truths I post, you want to declare that I'm a poser, I should be ignored, I'm trying to get counter-flaming racial hatred remarks, I'm a trouble maker. You are right about one thing. Few of us Euro's think the way I do, equal opportunity for everyone regardless of race, religion, lifestyle, etc. If you disagree with me, what does that make you?

The thread started civil then we get the troll MikeyA to begin his character assassinations. MikeyA does the military have anything for you to do then posting idiotic crap on SwampBubbles?

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Well since I am on a lunch break and I was at work at 6 this morning (pacific time). The answer would be no.

I would be willing to bet that in my short life I've worked more 20+ hour days in the military than you did for Chrysler. The military gets it's time from me. Today I did not have a lunch. Did you ever get any days where you didn't get a lunch break? So if I take 5 minutes to post while I'm standing around waiting in line to take a urinalysis I don't care, because they waste enough of my time that I could be doing work.


GI stands for Government Issue. Military time is never 8 to 5.

I started laughing when I read your comment about 20 hour days. Those days may well be 20 hours by the clock, but they seem closer to 30 - and those are the easy days.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Has anyone ever run into people who pretend they are or were in the military? I've heard stories in bars where individuals claimed they were Navy Seals, Rangers, Marines, ex-CIA, NSA, ex-Secret Service, ex-FBI, etc.. No matter how many beers we had we knew they were lying. The motive? They want to show all us other people they were heros. The only thing they accomplished was to boost there own ego and fill us with distrust.

I have ZC. I had a GySgt who taught me how to spot people like that.

Most were actually military members but embellished their careers to seem bigger than what they are.

They have a few tells. They say they can't tell you their stories because "their classified" but if you challenge them they'll normally tell you. They will refuse to tell you what unit they were with even though if you were with a black ops unit that is public information, same thing with awards they've won and general areas of theater they've been to.

I've helped build cases against some when the Stolen Valor Act was still valid. I don't think that should be totally struck down because many who do this are committing fraud by posing as agents of the Federal gov't. I helped one guy get prosecuted who used several lies to boost his resume and try to get prestigious positions within the community.



What people like Willard and Wolfarth don't understand is my job is not time on a time card. It's a mission. It's measured in accomplishment or failure. Whether it takes me 5 minutes or 70 hours I will accomplish my mission.

I don't expect two guys who's work experience never expanded beyond the factory walls to understand that. Maybe I'm out of line for thinking they would respect it.


How's the fishing?

Public schools no longer offer discipline.

The unions fight against it. Why do you think they hate standardized tests? It would require them to adhere to a standard and then succeed or fail compared to that standard. The teachers AND the students lack discipline. When either does something wrong the school sends them home. That is not discipline. It is a way to ignore and not deal with a problem and hope it is instead corrected at home.


Kind of like the stuff you post here MikeyA. Where is your discipline?

Poverty is the biggest cause of most of these problems. When parents are working two low paid Tea Party approved jobs there is no time to raise the kids. Its enough to just put food on the table. This where union were beneficial by providing contracts that pay a living wage. So all you bellyaching Tea Baggers this is your dream, your reality, take responsibility for it.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

The TEA Party was nowhere around when American parents opted to work for more wages in order to take on more debt. The average size of the American home by square footage DOUBLED since 1980. That's a consumerist obscenity, among other, more detailed debt metrics. The worker is totally to blame for that. Nobody told y'all to load up on debt so that you could live a step above your economic class.

You Liberals really are the most mentally retarded people on Earth.

"Kind of like the stuff you post here MikeyA. Where is your discipline?"

My discipline? I have been successful at every job I've worked. I didn't need a teacher to bend the rules for me to graduate high school. I have a Bachelor's degree. I had parents who taught me discipline and when given the choice I went to a school that had more discipline then the public school that I would have gone to.

"Poverty is the biggest cause of most of these problems." No it is not. It is a factor but it is not a cause. So while poverty is a factor it and has some correlation it is not a cause-effect relationship. People who eat oatmeal get cancer more. It means people who eat oatmeal are more prone to get cancer because they're older, it doesn't mean oatmeal causes cancer. That's an example of misreading a cause-effect relationship from a correlation.

"This where union were beneficial by providing contracts that pay a living wage." We've raised the minimum wage several times in the past few years. If what you say is true than for at least the last two years we should see test scores improving. In Toledo, the test scores are not improving, the exact opposite is true. Ohio, has not passed a RTW law... yet.

This is not a dream, this is not a goal. It's a tragedy. It must be dealt with. The fact that you don't want to deal with it seriously is telling about your true character. You don't care about kids becoming illiterate, you care about how much teachers make and how much they can pad union coffers.


We did leave kids behind. We left legions of Black kids behind in the Toledo Public School system, where they learn to accept institutionalization until they 'graduate' which is largely a transfer into the public prisons. White kids moved on into private schools and suburban schools, where they are actually preparing to participate in non-criminal society.

No, really. The Toledo Public School system is a "pre-prison". It's where we swept up many of Toledo's poor Black kids into. I guess it's more humane than gas chambers and ovens.

This happens every day across America. It's no secret. But people sure as fuck don't want to talk about it.

That's why we need a voucher system--give more choices to parents. If you're poor and want your child to get an education in something other than a pre-prison environment, vouchers would provide that opportunity.

Yet, in a strong union system like TPS, vouchers will NEVER happen.

I'm glad someone recognizes that our public educational sysytem in poor area is nothing more than the PIT (Prisoners In Training).

but pretty much goes along with what these other teachers are saying...

I had never heard of this guy or his website (blackand right)

It reminded me of a conversation with a female black co-worker years ago. We shared Christian outlooks & so were friends. She told me (back in 1974) that Scott High School was tolerable when she attended, but that her younger sisters a few years later couldn't wait to graduate and get out of there, it had become so rough already back then.

I still think that nationally, the division between citizens is more spiritual than racial. But I have heard a lot of anecdotes that would seem to back up the author of your link. Here is one excerpt that caught my eye, and which I've heard before:


"My students had only the vaguest notion of who pays for government services. For them, it was like a magical piggy bank that never goes empty. One black girl was exhorting the class on the need for more social services and I kept trying to explain that people, real live people, are taxed for the money to pay for those services. “Yeah, it come from whites,” she finally said. “They stingy anyway.”

“Many black people make over $50,000 dollars a year and you would also be taking away from your own people,” I said.

She had an answer to that: “Dey half breed.” The class agreed. I let the subject drop.

Many black girls are perfectly happy to be welfare queens. On career day, one girl explained to the class that she was going to have lots of children and get fat checks from the government. No one in the class seemed to have any objection to this career choice."

A relative of mine was involved with writing the questions for the first Ohio proficiency test. As part of the process, the questions were reviewed by a group of minority educators to ensure that the questions were "racially fair."

One of the questions revolved around a story about a boy and his dad coming home from work. The minority reviewers deemed that question as racist in that black children couldn't relate to a dad having a job. This is not a joke--it happened!

Letting these sorts of people decide things for society is a really bad move.

Sound society has been associated with White society, and they're rejecting it. It's undermining the tax base that these retards depend on. A catastrophe is brewing.

Is Roger Hedgecock the son of Director Alfred Hedgecock?

Vouchers have been in place in Toledo for at least 8 years. Geesh! It's called Ed-Choice..

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