I can't stop laughing at this story.........

This one is just for you Mrignorant......read it and weep. From the Wall Street Journal-EDGARTOWN, Mass.–President Barack Obama hit the golf course Sunday with a campaign donor who has represented the venture-capital firm he repeatedly attacked in the 2012 election.

Mr. Obama is spending some of the last hours of his eight-day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard with Eunu Chun, a lawyer who has represented Bain Capital.

Mr. Chun, along with some other supporters with Bain Capital ties, raised funds for Mr. Obama’s re-election bid last year. The Obama campaign made Republican nominee Mitt Romney‘s ties to Bain Capital an overwhelming issue in the campaign, and Mr. Obama spent much of last year criticizing his opponent for his time at the firm.

Mr. Obama was apparently pretty determined to hit the links with Mr. Chun. The White House had announced Josh Earnest, one of Mr. Obama’s deputy press secretaries, would be playing. But officials later sent an update saying Mr. Earnest was no longer on the list.

I wonder if my talking points e mail in the morning will include saying something good about the rodeo clown in chief ?

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Are those crickets I hear...or is it just my tinnitus?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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