"Nancy Snyderman is an Idiot"

That was one of the drop-down picks at bing.com just now. It is also my personal opinion about this woman, and not just because she is an anti-Christian bigot. A whole lot of the time she doesn't know what she is talking about, and therefore, a little bit dangerous (IMHO) on health topics.

One mom calls her an idiot like this:


And the mom is exactly correct.... vaccinated children can be carriers after vaccination, and can infect other children after vaccination.

Many years ago (over 25 yrs or so), I watched a lengthy PBS documentary on the polio vaccines (Salk killed virus vs. the live virus one.... that came in the sugar cube, remember?)

One case of an adult contracting polio was a grandfather who changed his grandson's diaper, and contracted the disease that way - the child had just received the live virus version vaccine. And yet, decades later - this is almost never discussed. The mom in the above link is exactly correct.

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I don't blame her for being anti-Christian. Christians have killed millions of non-Christians over the years.

Ok let me get this straight.

Someone can have a legitimate disagreement with a black man or woman and you cry that they are a racist bigot trying to keep people enslaved.

Here someone does the same thing and you say it's ok because "Oh hey that group deserves it."

You are such a hypocrite.

First, people have been killing people for millions of years for a lot of reasons. Christianity teaches people to not to kill and in fact, accept those who do harm to them. Because there were Christians who wrongly distorted Jesus' message you think it's OK to discriminate against someone because that guy in the past did? This is why no one respects your opinion.

Discrimination is bad regardless of the offended party. When dealing with generalizations of groups that is why it is important to use facts and not simplifications. ZC you never deal in facts. You are a bigot.


Most of the time Black people's complaints are legitimate. Most of us Euro's won't accept the truth about ourselves even when it's staring us right in the face. I never said that people should discriminate against Christians. I'm saying Christians have a lot of dirty laundry. Major Examples: Deadly Riots In Rome, The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, The Salem Witch Hunt, The Holocaust In The 20th Century. KKK Violence - KKK, A Christian Organization. I'm sure if we research more we can find many more examples.

"I never said that people should discriminate against Christians."

She said the woman was a bigot. What you said was "I don't blame her for being anti-Christian." so yes, you didn't say they should discriminate but what you did was condone discrimination.

Don't think so? Let's say she posted that the Jews were taking over the world and instead of the phrase anti-Christian you said "I don't blame her for being anti-Semetic". If there's a difference I fail to see it.

"Major Examples: Deadly Riots In Rome, The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, The Salem Witch Hunt, The Holocaust In The 20th Century. KKK Violence - KKK, A Christian Organization." I do not doubt that those incidents took place or that they were bad. What I have a problem with is condoning discrimination on people today who did not take part in any of those. Choosing to vaccinate or not vaccinate is not equal to the incidents of which you speak.

Besides, Christianity does not endorse any of those incidents. The New Testament specifically preaches tolerance and nonviolence. Those who conducted those acts were using the Bible to fulfill political goals. It's politics that causes people to kill, not religion.


I don't care how you phase it, religion and politics are inseparable.


FG your post sucks. Let me explain why.

It takes you to someone's opinion on a message board. I could easily do the same with a Paul Wolfarth or Mike Coon rant. In the opinion they give no facts. The poster says she's done this multiple times yet they are unable to cite even one example. So I'm supposed to take Hottubgodess at her word (actual nickname of the poster)?

If I were an athiest to argue against you I could equally quote Liammozz here http://www.reddit.com/r/athiesm/comments/1k2szd/in_the_unlikely_event_th... and say God doesn't exist.

In that scenario your post and mine are both complete and utter bullshit. The only difference is you went so far as to call someone a bigot based upon nothing.

If you're going to make a claim that someone is discriminatory, call me crazy, but the first thing I think you should do is be able to prove it.

You use bing only reinforces that you are not smart.


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