Jeff Bezos Politics

Interesting guy. For several years now. Bought the Washington Post. And apparently the first question that popped into the minds of politics-watchers everywhere was: Dem or Repub? It's one of the drop-down questions at google.

Apparently, he is a Libertarian:

But I just find it interesting that there appears to be a rush to nail down his politics, in order for political junkies and liberal media types to decide whether they are going to like or hate him. Well, he has donated to Dems and liberal causes, so they are holding their fire for now.

I remember, early on, that Charlie Rose interviewed him about Amazon (when Amazon wasn't really in the black, if memory serves). The thing that alarmed the media about Bezos in the beginning - and people don't remember this very well -- was that on the Amazon site, ordinary people could do what they do here - make political comments, without the filter of the mainstream media. At Amazon, the MSM could not just trounce on any conservative or truthful comments by the "little people". It concerned them VERY much. I heard more than one interviewer ask him about this. The MSM was MUCH more concerned about this than they were about the actual business of Amazon.

Oh well, they got over it, and bloggers and commenters are all over the internet giving their opinions. [Poooooor mainstream media.]

But that's why I like Bezos (somewhat misguided Libertarian or not). He did a really great thing with that comments section being included, when Amazon started up.

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