Phony scandals: The new Obama narrative...

"Sen. Ted Cruz on Fox News Live at 4:23 (MST) when speaking about Obama and the apparently “phony” IRS scandal;
““Well, you know...I think it's interesting that he calls them phony scandals when at the time they broke he professed to be concerned about them. When he discovered that the IRS was wrongfully targeting his [...HIS] political opponents, and we now know that with at least the tacit, if not explicit, approval of one of his top political appointees, he claimed that he was shocked and would get to the bottom of it. And following the pattern of this administration he gave one speech about it and quickly says, ‘Let’s brush it under the carpet...nothing to see here.’ It’s the same pattern he followed with Benghazi, and Fast and Furious, it’s a pattern over and over again...of wanting to avoid accountability; and I think it's unfortunate to see the executive [branch] abusing power and disregarding the law.”
"America now seems more divided than most of us remember, all under the self-professed “great uniter,” If you oppose Obama then your put in a labeled box, box 1 Your a Zealot, Box 2 your a Racists.
"Somebody ought to tell the president that the 2012 election is over and he won. There's not going to be another election for him,.if he wanted to deliver a completely empty speech he should do it from Washington and save on CO2 emissions from Air Force One.”
Oh! one more thing, have you noticed that most of Obama's speeches are in front of younger people i.e.Colleges...

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