Michael Savage had a further discussion of this on his program last evening:

I listen to maybe 30 or 40 minutes of Savage a few times a week. I actually like his family stories and health and botany pieces more than his politics - because he is all over the map on politics. Well, no problem, his show is about what he thinks.

So last evening, I tuned in just as he was re-explaining about the "Dad" in the above link, and just then, a self-identified military guy called in and said he (military guy caller) had known some of the Seal Team 6 guys personally. He went on to give several facts in quick order - AND THEN got Savage pretty nervous - because the caller affirmed what MANY media types AND world leaders like Benazir Bhutto were saying years ago -- that Bin Laden was dead back in the early 2000's.

Michael has a revived talk show empire to protect. He said something like: Well, we're not 2 guys in a bar here, having a drink. Boiling down to Savage is going with the official story that BO "got" BL.

So then, why, I'm still wondering, is Savage highlighting the Seal Team 6 Father's claim that Seal Team 6 was deliberately sent to their deaths? WHY would they be deliberately sent to their deaths?

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Do you have tomatoes at your stand as well? Give me time someone will be there and directions. Will you or your better half be working the plywood counter? What is your better halfs name? I'll tell her I know you from this site.

Oh, I forgot to axe. Are these seals the ones that used to preform at Cedar Point?

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