Dear Lord, please help this happen

Marcy Kaptur--what a gem! She gave us Obamacare. Remember how she was part of the Stupak group that held off voting in favor of Obamacare until they got that really valuable Obama Executive Order barring federal funding of abortion--yeah, that really worked out. At least Bart Stupak had the decency not to run for re-election after that--but not our Marcy. Being devoid of a scruples gene sure comes in handy.

Kaptur loves her some "middleclass"--which she defines as union workers. As for the rest of us, Kaptur isn't that interested.

With the backing of union workers and minorities (who vote for her because she has a "D" after her name), there's no chance Kaptur will ever be defeated by a Republican.

However, I hold out hope for her not making it through a primary. I think there's one certain way Kaptur could lose in the Democrat primary--if she were opposed by a Black man or woman from the Cleveland area. Ooooooh--I now know how Chris Matthews feels when he listens to Obama!

A minority from the Cleveland area would not only get the votes from his/her part of the district, but would pick-up the minority vote in the western part where Kaptur has never had a serious primary opponent.

Fortunately, when they redrew the Congressional districts for the 2012 election, my neighborhood was taken out of Kaptur's district. But I would LOVE to see her lose her cushy job that she has repeatedly used to thumb her nose at us non-union types.

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A few months ago our Marcy went to the floor of the House to denounce Obama's proposed cuts in Social Security. That will look good on a campaign commercial.

She is truly a "seat taker" in Congress. And as to caring about what her constituents think, remember while other Representatives were having Townhall meetings prior to the Obamacare vote, Kaptur took a trip to Poland.

A Black primary opponent would be an interesting predicament for Marcy. Hopefully, she could find a photo of her opponent in a white hood while re-enacting a KKK rally.

Changing her district means there's now a real chance that she can be unseated, because she has other constituents now that just don't know her.

She fled with her office to Cleveland since she knows damned well that's where the real political power was. Toledo is really a pissant place for political power and she knows it.

Are you saying there IS no Toledo office now? I'll be calling to see if that is the case later today..

Blade article from April:

The Republicans did a very foolish thing in this particular re-districting. No skin off her nose... she will likely retire in a few years. She's very popular around here - but wouldn't be if she had no office presence locally. Ohio Republicans foolishly did this redistricting, and it's going to turn into a disaster, one way or another. They wanted Kucinich out. He was raising too many uncomfortable questions in Congress.

But I see why atheists and agnostics don't like her. She is a Bible believing Catholic. Why, how daaaare she. Just based on the childish Christian bashing on this site by a few secular extremists, I think I will vote for her next year.

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