This appears to be written by a techie

Therefore, I don't follow everything he is explaining - but non-techies can come away with enough information here to be warned to be wary:

THIS is how vicious board trolls everywhere can (and usually do) become. THIS is how destructive they are. And THIS is why they need to be outed and prevented from controlling message boards.

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There is actually lots of info available, once you start bing-ing or googling the topic. Obviously, this is both a long-time, and growing problem:

Note: I was a little puzzled by the number of "readers" of my original "troll" posting (below). I'm sure there aren't anywhere close to 1,624 readers of this blog in this geographical area. Even if, say, 25 different people clicked into that post, maybe 10 times each... that would still only be around 250.

Then I realized while googling the topic, others across the internet are googling the same topic for their own reasons. That's most likely how they are coming across my post. Which links a article that I HOPE a large number of people read at some point.

Farmergal , when you go to church instead of your pastor giving you guidance , do you instead (being a right wing conservative whore), give him head?

bacteria that swarm here ...the restraint is like holding back from smacking a 15 year old welfare spawns 4 year old brat in a line wanting this mommy, and that mommy, and slobbering all over its welfare provided clothing.

To digress a little... I had an "aha" moment a while back, when LM Ward's blog was up and running. She had predicted some judge races, and one of the Ohio Supreme Court judge gals posted on that site something like - thank you, I hope you are right. Causing me to think - oh, ok, even judges are checking out this local blog to see what the "little people" think. I already knew, of course, that all posting boards are monitored politically.

People in all walks of life read these blogs, but to some degree, a great number of readers tend to get sucked in to a sort of fantasy view, and don't question why various posters do various things - and most NEVER seem to be alert to evil. Put another way, decent people don't WANT to think evil people are around, and seem surprised that evil people do evil things. It has to actually be pointed out to them.

In this current case, it worked out better than I had anticipated, because the troll had a meltdown and started issuing threats. A little too over-the-top for even his defender -- and one hopes, the board owner -- to ignore. But that remains to be seen. Crow doesn't taste very good, even when well cooked.

I had to "take the bait" originally in order to post information that I hope is informative to others.

Here again is the WorldNetDaily article on trolls for anyone who missed it earlier:

Farmergal is working very hard to hide her evil intent under the guise of our education to the ways of the internet troll. As a member of the family of one of the disgruntled former members of the site she seems intent on casting doubt on everyone's identity and purpose. Her religious screeds are ultra Christian and of course she refuses to answer any direct questions like the ones I posed to her a few posts ago.
She snipes at posters suggesting they are more than one person all the while keeping her own dual personality and purpose hidden.
Very crafty, cunning, and totally transparent in her attempts to garner more attention for herself and her beliefs.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

FG and Hamish Bond (who seems to be Mac, Tater, Mike Coon) seem to have reached a common bond...

Uh oh, I better stop or I will be considered a board troll...

Who cares if she's ultra Christian? Her views are extreme and are therefore not part of public policy.

It's amazing how we fit such a large tornado into such a small container.

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