It would, at the very least, explain why the Snowden story has gotten real quiet in the mainstream media right now. That "attack" (stopping the flight) on the Bolivian president's plane was indeed an act of war.

Good article to print out and see how many of the "dots" this author connected correctly, say, 8 or 9 months from now.

The only thing that surprises me about Snowden is that he did not appear to plan this out well. The question is why didn't he pick his country and travel there (Norway or Iceland, or several South American countries would have made sense) BEFORE he made revelations? Al Martin (formerly connected to the Bush Sr. White House and Iran Contra, etc., is of the opinion that Snowden is young and naiive.

And as the above article points out, most thinking Americans already knew we were being spied on, way back under Bush Jr. BO could just blame it all on Dubya, change course, and make himself admired again. But he won't - particularly IF he is functioning as nothing more than a puppet for the globalists or shadow govt.. I tend to agree with the author.... there are definite sign of desperation here.

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