JUST CAME IN ON MY FACEBOOK----------Fred, I still pop into SwampBubbles occasionally here and there from time to time. I just read something you wrote suggesting the possibility that Farmergal may be me or my wife Judy. I assure you that is not the case. I have no idea who Farmergal is but he or she is not Judy or me. I have no reason to not be truthful.


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which "clueless" would know if he read anything other than his own posts and the porn posts.

The last time Roland Hansen commented here was to take issue with an article I posted on one of the liberal politicians. The Hansens and I do not have compatible political positions. But that is what, makes most boards--- that do not have a porn poster--- interesting. Variety of political opinions. But as Mr. Hansen discovered some time back - this board has become the playground for a porn poster, with the silent assent (apparently) of the board owner.

I also doubt that Hansen would contact Fred via Facebook. If Hansen actually CARED about this stupid tempest in a teapot, I think he would call Fred directly at his radio staton -- if he actually CARED one whit about goofball arguments on a message board - which he clearly does not. Personally, I don't now use - nor ever have used - Facebook, Twitter, My Space or any other social media. My friends get e-mails or phone calls or cards - period. I don't even know how social media sites work. Other than YouTube, where my niece posts great videos of her children. I am interested in my family, not self-important media types at any level. If I need help from a city council person or my congress person, I go down to their office and talk to their reps in person.

Note to Mr. Hansen, if you happen to be reading this week: I am using what the "mikey" poster did to you and your wife - which you - thankfully - informed board posters of some time ago -- in order to OUT THIS PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE even further. Primarily for the lurker/readers, so that they know what is going on. Hence my post regarding board trolls. Which Fred immediately took exception to on "mikey's" behalf. Do you begin to get the picture? He believes a piece of human garbage, whom he has never met, but who strokes his ego under the moniker of the individual that went after your wife, Birds of a feather flock together... ho hum.

Other than occasionally pointing out his over-sized ego, I don't actually give a hoot what Fred thinks, and in case you don't regularly read here.... Fred thinks "mikey" the puke head - who made sexual comments to your wife - Fred thinks he is an outstanding American. Fred thinks Fred is an outstanding American. Fred also has joined "mikey's" alter egos in filth porn postings directed at me.

Which is why I am going to "out" "mikey" at every turn. Little mikey-the-piece-of-human- garbage went too far -- but is still posting that he is proud of what he did to you - and Fred is still defending him and doesn't want me to talk about mikey's filth habit anymore. (Boo hoo.)

I'm outed! OMG NOOOOOO!

Fred, I don't know why you would do such a thing.

FG, I mean Judy, I don't know why you wouldn't just call Fred up yourself. I have in the past. I have even emailed him directly which is how he knows my full name and identity. (That's why he believes me, I've proven to him basic information about me).

What is your problem with blowjobs FG? Are you more of a "take it in the rear" type of girl?

Keep mentioning me and I will keep asking these types of questions. Next I'll ask about your niece and her youtube channel.


And give away the fact, during your ongoing meltdown here, that you have hacked into swampbubbles posters' e-mail accounts?? And get yourself arrested?

(One can only hope.)

Mikey A is hacking swampbubbles accounts??? Keep me updated...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

he hacked into Swampbubbler's personal email accounts rather than their swampbubbles account. I need some popcorn for this...

Get interesting make that two... And if its true let the WAR GAMES BEGIN..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

It is so nice of you, Fred, to keep me in your thoughts. I am honored that you think of me.

You do realize this is from two years ago right?



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