MSNBC host wears tampon earrings live on air.

Melissa Harris-Perry took a moment on her Sunday MSNBC show to offer women a creative solution to the Texas state capitol temporarily banning tampons. Her and Willard and Blow Bush should work together......

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What brand of tampon do you wear cunt?

But I did here you have them all stuck up your ass...except for the two you gave Melissa-Harris..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I can tell from your language that you are me.

I have been posting as you for some time. You may not have realized it. It's ok, I was shocked too.

We are a piece of human garbage.


who fakes being in the military, and goes after, well, whatever woman you decide to attack daily, weekly. Trust me on this - you went too far with your other fake id's, and you are not going to win this one. Go crawl back into whatever hole you inhabit at Bohemian Grove out there in California, until it's time for more godless satanic rituals out there.

In any case, I WILL continue to remind the clueless that you suggested filth, via e-mail, to Roland Hansen's wife... AND you have further tried to make jokes about it on this board. Other posters will have to judge whether filth is funny.

They appear to be members of the group who hollered "hail Satan" when they weren't allowed to bring the "food" they eat into the TX capitol building. Rick Perry & Texas legislature 1 - Satanists 0.

Rush is right - the highest sacrament in the feminazis' religion (which IS Satan worship) is killing babies.

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