If This White House Doesn't Get An Emmy For Best Sitcom, It's A Crime

Pilot Episode-"A Black President? What you talkin' 'bout Willis"

MSNBC co-host Toure praised President Obama’s first public remarks on the George Zimmerman verdict Friday, saying they reaffirm that “we really do have a black president.”

The president surprised many by saying Trayvon Martin “could’ve been me 35 years ago,” despite the criticism he received for saying “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” back in March. Martin was shot by George Zimmerman in what a jury recently ruled was self-defense.

Toure remarked: “I’ve been thinking lately, do we actually have a black president, or a president who happens to be black? …This moment was like, ‘Wow! We really do have a black president who will come out and lay it on the line’… A nuanced discussion of what it means to be black, not holding back from this notion that blacks don’t feel a full part of society. A really incredible historical moment.”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell added in conclusion: “We’ve all just experienced something — I need to absorb it, so do you. We’ll watch it, we’ll re-read it, we’ll look at it. Thanks for being with us.”

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I listened To Obama drone on (and on) about this Martin case until I couldn't take his nonsense anymore.

He talked about all the old and tired things like getting celebrities and athletes together to help "Young African-American boys." How about their parents? How about containing the conversation to the communities where the problems exist?

As to whether Martin could have been Obama, I think the comparison probably ends at them both having marijuana in their systems. Obama was raised by White grandparents. Ask Black kids from the hood whether that compares to their lives?

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