Great Magic Trick

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Your moms a FAILURE....

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I think that's just wrong. His mom is not a failure. She only needed to open her legs to any man who would have sex with her, she managed that easily enough and ended up pregnant, she didn't abort this one so we have Willard. We don't know if the man stuck around or not, but we know Willard is here. Success!!!!
On the other hand I think it shows his mindset when using a pic of me with the word failure on it. I have a steady, full time job, make more than a "livable wage", put two kids through college, live in a good neighborhood and drive two cars. In many places that would be seen as a success. In Willard's world it is seen as failure since I did it without a union, or government intervention. It's all perspective.

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