Toledo's Best Kept Secret?

I cannot believe my pagan bodied ears! Girls, is it TRUE? I heard a vicious rumor that the incomparable pantless pastor of Toledo allegedly likes boys on occasion? The same man of the cloth that has bashed gays and issues related to gays for years? And is now leaning towards "acceptance" of such things?

Well grand momma always said that those who scream it loudest usually are - allegedly.

All that aside, does this mean that there is actually a decent progression within evangelical churches towards the recognition that gays are actually human beings and deserve the same rights, religious and otherwise?

Halleloo! Halleloo! Halleloo!

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Its a wonder any of those poor lost souls that go to that church show up Sundays knowing their loving Preacher man, who they made rich, likes to suck on boys puckers. Suckers

Conservatives love boys in bathroom stalls


Simply what the girls are discussing. Well, the twinks are.

...This boxxx was opened a long time ago...

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