These are the pieces of human filth

that make the horror chambers like the "Doctor" Gosnell abortion mills possible to begin with...

On the Gwen Ifill program "Washington Week in Review" (PBS) last evening, I listened in amazement as this all liberal group discussed abortion politics in general, Texas specifically. It was almost hilarious as they danced around this topic - because, of course they are all pro-abortion -- BUT one of the women put it in an interesting way (for a liberal). She said something to the effect that Republicans (read conservatives) around the country are now framing the issue more about the PROCEDURE AND WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS, and WHAT IT ACTUALLY DOES. [Golleeee, ya THINK so????).

This liberal group brought up the fact that states around the country that got Republican (read conservative) governors and lawmakers are taking strong stands against abortion. And may God bless each and every one of them.

2010 was a much bigger win in many ways for conservatives than the 2012 presidential race was for liberals. Personally, I think "black box" voting has made presidential elections pretty much a joke. But "they" can't control the state & local races to that degree. And conservatives are winning - and driving liberals nuts. I'll say it again - BO is muy muy afwaid of the 2014 mid terms.

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