Sandy Spang Council Candidate at Large to file petitions today at 3:30 PM

Sandy Spang, small business owner and real estate investor, will file her candidacy petitions for an At Large Toledo City Council seat at the Lucas County Board of Elections, Suite 300, One Government Center, Tuesday, July 9th at 3:30 PM. Sandy will be available for a short statement or questions immediately following her filing or before the City Council meeting at 4:00 PM.
In her own words:

“My focus as a Councilwoman will be on small business incubation and retention especially in underserved neighborhoods. Small businesses are the largest generators of jobs in our country and add to the safety and quality of life in a community. Small businesses put people to work in their own neighborhoods where owners and employees collaborate and strengthen the fabric of our City.”


Ms. Spang was nominated for the vacant At Large Council seat created by the election of Phil Copeland to Lucas County Recorder and received the second highest number of votes.
Sandy Spang is the owner/manager of the very successful and award winning Plate 21 coffeehouse on Rugby Drive in Toledo. She and her husband Mark, a journeyman Ironworker with Toledo Local 55, own and manage residential and commercial properties in the City of Toledo.

Sandy and Mark are the proud parents of three college aged young adults, Ben and Lily, and Eli. They reside in the Harvard Elementary School neighborhood of Toledo.
Ms. Spang has a noteworthy history of public service and life experiences. Sandy graduated from Bowling Green State University, Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Fine Arts. She applied her degree as an art educator, gemologist and appraiser at several Toledo retailers.
Since founding Plate 21, she has acted as a mentor for small business development in the City. She recently graduated from the Leadership Academy of the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce and has been an active participant in the Future of Toledo Initiative on the “Eliminate Blight and Repurpose Land” project.

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"My focus as a Councilwoman will be on small business incubation and retention especially in underserved neighborhoods."

I put emphasis on her words to ask specifically: What the fuck does that mean?

Neighborhoods aren't underserved if small businesses decide freely not to open up in them. What function of government is she drawing on, here?

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