Ron Johns: Toledo’s Youngest Candidate Joins the Race

Today Toledo’s youngest city council candidate, 21 year old Ron Johns joins the race by taking the next step in getting on the ballot by turning in his gathered petitions.

Ron is a fiscally conservative Republican with libertarian values. He believes that government’s role is not to take care of people but to ensure their freedom to take care of themselves. He is a proponent of limited government

“It is time for us as a city to understand every dollar our government spends is one less dollar for us as individuals to spend,” he said. “I promise with every vote I take to consider the real role of government in a situation and how the everyday Toleadoan will be affected by my vote”.

Ron will be answering questions from 3:30pm till 4pm outside the Board of Elections office.

Who: Ron Johns, candidate for Toledo City Council
Where: Lucas County Board of Elections
1 Government Center, Third Floor
When: Wednesday, July 10th, 3:30pm

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Please note that the freedom to take care of yourself is also the freedom to not take care of yourself. In either case, it's not a function of government to interfere.

Sadly, this guy doesn't stand a snowballs' chance in hell of getting elected in Toledo.

Ron a try instead of some of these other absolutely worthless so called representatives. Such as Mike Craig.......who I'am told does absolutly NOTHING for the East side.. .among others....

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I've found that Mike Craig among others keep falling back upon the excuse that this is a "strong mayor" form of city government, hence what they can do, is highly limited based upon the biases of the mayor's office. And yet nobody's prepared to get rid of that form of government. I spoke directly to McNamara after he issued that excuse, and yet he too doesn't seem to mind it, and in fact he's seeking to take advantage of it by running for mayor.

It's enough to make a man believe that we're better off without a city council, since you can get the same results (the mayor just does what he wants) for less money (you don't have to pay councilmen).

I agree, and here are four factors:

- fiscally conservative
- Republican
- libertarian values
- believes that government’s role is not to take care of people

Espouse even just ONE of those things, and you drop to the bottom of the average Toledoan's electoral list. But four of those at once? He's asking to get lynched by the Ku Klib Klan. Toledoans are big believers in welfare, dependency and big government, meaning they have pretty much seceded from the union as much as they can while still retaining the connection to the sucker taxpayer. Toledo is like a little Albania parked inside the USA, much like Detroit is a little Zimbabwe, and both are essentially cancers. Republic-an principles have been revoked around here.

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