Let's see. Toledo has had a woman mayor, African-American mayors, and a crazy mayor who served disjointed terms, but has it ever had a mayor whose spouse preferred not to live in the city?

I was doing a little research on Toledo's mayoral candidates and found that D. Michael Collins' wife, Sandra Drabik, owns a home in Sylvania that had a purchase price of $279,000 in 2001. When I looked her up on the White Pages site, it lists that Sylvania home as her address and gave a 882 phone number.

Drabik, who is listed as the treasurer for the Committee to Elect D. Michael Collins, is an attorney who worked at the University of Toledo and was making $177,484 when she retired in 2006.

One can hardly blame someone who was making that level of salary for not wanting to live in Toledo.

Opponents will make a deal out of Collins double-dipping (just like Mayor Bell). His 2012 tax statement shows he is making $42,248 from his police pension; but if Collins becomes mayor, he and his wife will be triple-dipping! Drabik is receiving money from a State retirement plan (presumably OPERS)--I should say, is receiving BIG money. The State retirement system allows for the average of her three highest earning years to be used as the basis for her life-long retirement income. From their joint tax return, simple math would tell you that Drabik accounts for $141,000 of their pension income. Their total adjusted gross income was $205,244. Yep, they should be able to relate to the average Toledoan.

The good news is if things go bad in Toledo for Mayor Collins (e.g. riots, gang violence, sink holes, etc.) he and his wife can kick-back and relax at their place in Sylvania.

NOTE: Isn't it interesting that Anita Lopez, who obviously could look-up this information on the AREIS system, hasn't brought this forward. I guess you can make your own editorial comment on that.

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I'm no fan of Collins, but what he or his wife owns is irrelevant. My next door neighbors own a house in Florida, so what's the difference.

If Collins were a Republican, he and his wife's $200,000+ combined income would be a BIG deal. Liberals would highlight that if he became mayor that income would increase to $300,000--amplifying their 1 precenters status.

I can answer that for someone who's so ignorant they don't see it themselves.....your neighbor isn't running for Mayor of Toledo.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

It's not my ignoragnce at all. Your comment is totally stupid. Your comment suggest that people running for office can only own property in the muncipality, or state they reside. Attention Toledo folks,If you are running for public office in Toledo, someone has banned you from owning vacation homes, timeshares, businessess, rental properties, etc. I wonder how my neighbor, who is already a Toledo elected official, is going to understand he has to sell his Florida vacation home.

It's no wonder Toledo is in the shape it's in.
Voters like you swallow the Democrat lies the way a dog eats it's own vomit.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Yes of course your friend is an "elected official". Is this the same friend who is black and has been harassed numerous times? My comment doesn't suggest any such thing as you say. It merely says that if you are running to be Mayor of Toledo and your wife is the treasurer and lists her address as the same as yours, but you own a house in Sylania, it raises some questions. If they own a cottage in Michigan, or Florida, or rental property no problem.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

This friend happens to be a Euro.

Serious question: When you say "Euro" do you mean he's not crunchy like a cracker, but only worth about a dollar?

Well at least they can afford such a house on that income. It's the legions of Whites who fled the "Blackening" of Toledo and relied on big credit lines and high LTVs (loan-to-value) and such, that are the ones who have long earned my scorn.

I admit I do hold a smaller but appreciable level of scorn for those who instead of self-capitalizing, chose to pump their appreciable incomes into payments for stuff, as if dying with the most receipts means you win or something. There were more than enough houses in Toledo proper[*] that could have been obtained for half of that Sylvania price, saving the couple $140K plus the cost of credit for at least the differential... call it $200K. Personally I find it a bit foolish to blow $200K just to live smugly in some big house in "cracker" Sylvania. With that sort of capital staying in your pocket, you can make wiser or actual investments (since a house you live in isn't an investment).

[*] But I must re-iterate: There were more than enough houses, but in most of those cases you ran a bigger risk of seeing Blacks either in your neighborhood or close thereby.

My interpretation of what you're saying is that neighborhoods only stay valuable if Whites live in them. That is--the Whites fled due to the "Blackening" of Toledo--and that was the demise of the city's neighborhoods and housing values.

I'm not disagreeing--just wondering why this is true. Why can't a city made-up of a majority Black population thrive? I can't think of one that does.

The entire system was broken anyway. This 'value' which you're identifying with was only a stepping stone for creating the largest financial bubble and crash in all of Human history. I don't expect poor, minority populations to know anything. Clearly they don't, and they prefer it that way. But the White majority and particularly the White middle class should have known what they were doing. That's why I enjoy every foreclosure, bankruptcy and divorce they have. They designed and built their own failures.

Fleeing Blacks was only part of the game. The other part was in trading up and then just flipping housing, until this crash happened. We'll never recover from it, now. The nation is being inherited by the 47%, and they can't run the country. Meanwhile, the bankers enjoy their stolen proceeds with government blessing. With Liberal government blessing, I might add.

The thing we have to remember is increasing home values is not a result of rich people, but of working class people for whom home ownership was an important goal. Also, it's not a new phenomenon.

My Dad was a Teamster. He and my Mother bought a house in Toledo in 1965 for $32,000, and we sold it for $146,000 in 2008. My parents didn't buy the home with the purpose of cashing in on a profit, rather to have a nice home for their family.

I really think that "rich" and "poor" people make independent decisions that if truth be told, have little effect on each other. If I make a million dollars tomorrow, no poor person will suffer as a result of that. If a poor person wins the lottery, he/she would be able to buy a home wherever they would like.

Thanks, Galt, but I've heard all the code words and pass phrases by now for the housing bubble. Housing prices ultimately have to track incomes. Incomes are falling. So housing prices had to fall. The housing bubble (note it's still not over) was a very determined effort by the middle class to avoid dealing with reality. Housing prices in Toledo should have started to fall by the middle to late 1990s, to match the flight of factories, hence sustainable Toledoan incomes. Instead, the dummies around here borrowed massively to keep up appearances.

I understand well that the past increase in housing prices was not due to rich people. Sadly it was due to dummies who believed in the goblin of infinite growth. It was due to a middle class that believed that using more and more credit, was a good thing. This little problem had been rising for a while, in fact. As the 20th Century progressed, people resorted more and more to using a mortgage to purchase housing, and within that scope, the LTV (loan-to-value) of the purchase also kept rising. This culminated in the 100%+ LTV era of the 2000s.

So housing became a speculative bubble, a madness that infected the general crowd, the tulips of our era. Some people not only sold in time, but banked the difference when they sought out cheaper housing. But those are the minority. Most people got stuck, either by sitting on fixed mortgage while the price falls, or having traded up, stuck in a larger mortgage.

What's going on in downtown Toledo is really no different. Look at this Ergur prick who "owns" the Nicholas and Spitzer buildings. He's doing the same thing; speculating, flipping, gambling. It's a national sickness. It's in every bank. It's in every politician's blood, too. The higher prices went, the more tax that local governments could collect.

So, am I to assume that Collins has another property in Toledo that he lists as his home address?
Because if he indeed lives with his wife in Sylvania, he got a lot of balls running for mayor of a city he doesn't even live in.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

It couldn't hurt to find that out. We might even ask the neighbors how often they actually see Collins there, coming home.

If we had an enterprising newspaper in this city, they might be willing to park a reporter outside of the Sylvania address to see how often either Drabik or Collins is there.

remember when Jay-Fo wanted to be on the TPS board but his daughter attended bowling green high school...

If you had done a little more research, you would have found that Collins' wife does not live in this house in Sylvania but owns a property there that her elderly mother and mentally handicapped sister live in together.

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