Organized Religion And Communism - Two Peas In A Pod.

If you study the basic philosopy of organized religion and communisn, there are more similarities than differences.

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you're not original at all.
In fact, Stalin, Mao Hitler,Obummer, all godless vermin are essentially, you !!

And yet, you soulless folks celebrate our Holidays ?!

Basic philosophy... yes, actual theology.. no.

There is an inherent difference between the functions of religions and government.

Take Christianity. The Samaritin stopped to help the man. The parable was how one should treat their neighbor. Yet he didn't say, pass the man by and have the gov't help him.

Additionally Jesus recognized the separation of gov't and religion. "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's"

Now if you feel we should merge religion and government then I would ask you what do we do about gay marriage because marriage is inherently a religious insitution and not a governmental one.


Communism is not actually a form of government. It’s an economic system, or social structure. An example of a form of government would be a republic. We are a republic, and so is China. We have different economic systems and social structures, but we are both republics when it comes to form of government. The U.S.S.R. was another republic. The “R” stood for republics, plural. The “U” stood for a union of a number of republics (not a labor union as many think). Cuba is another republic. Leaving government out of it, I think Zeyadcharles is saying that the ideals of communism are similar to religion. I don't think he is talking about government here at all.

You are right, I'm not talking about government.

I'm not disagreeing.

Most churchs actually follow a form of communal living in many different forms although none are true Marxist forms of communism.

But when an economic system is imposed by the gov't it MUST become a part of that government and be applied to every member within that community even if they do not agree.


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