Kudos to Egypt for Ousting Monster Morsi

Wonder how many more times the MSM is going to run the phony baloney photo of BO & "security team" wringing their hands over this monster being rightly deposed.


And the lamestream media are right behind BO, trying to make this Egyptian monster look good.

You had "Margie Wargie" Warner on PBS interviewing an Egyptian official (who agrees with Morsi being deposed) asking question after question that insinuated that Morsi and his minions are being unfairly picked on. (I kid you not.) I know she is a member & willing puppet of the CFR. Nevertheless, this woman KNOWS BETTER. She actually framed one question something like this: What would you tell our viewers who would ask you ... .bleahbitty bleahbitty bleah... if Morsi is being treated fairly. [Which is close enough to what she actually said.} I was horrified. She HAS NO RIGHT OR BASIS to pretend that American citizens are anything but happy that this monster is gone. If she has that question or similar questions - she should ask on her own behalf - not hide behind imaginary viewers sympathetic to an international monster.

Again - Congratulations Egypt - most American citizens are with you in ousting this monster.

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of your wife. Married a close relative apparently, the resemblance is uncanny.

This is a good friend of Fred's, a fellow sandwich expert.

Not only is this Chicongo-clowns economic policy creating Depression Era stats, his foreign policy rivals the most inept, amateurish,most moronic one ever in all of Man's History !!!

Liberals-are so goddamned stupid, they do not comprehend their own absolute imbecilic way of cognition ?!

Is this the return of Tater?



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