Quid pro quo--the blade to control the university of toledo and the UT Medical center

On Monday, Toledo Blade president and general manager, Joe Zerby, will become the chairman of the University of Toledo's Board of Trustees. As with any organization that has a Board, this is the highest level position at UT. What the chairman says is what goes.

If the UT administration needed any other reason to ask "how high" when Zerby says "jump," I've discovered that Block Communications, Inc., Paul and Mary G. Block, AND Buckeye CableSystem are members of the UT Foundation's 2012 "Tower Society"--meaning that EACH DONATED BETWEEN $500,000 and $999,999, IN ONE YEAR.

So the Block family's span of control in the City widens and strengthens. How unethical is it for the president of a newspaper that uses its medium to advance a political agenda to also oversee the local public university? Very. Do you suppose we'll see any honest reporting about UT in the coming year? Nope.

As taxpayers who support UT, how can we let this happen? And as a more disturbing question, what type of people do we have on the UT Board who would see nothing wrong with voting Zerby into this position? Well, one of those members is Dr. S. Amjad Hussain, who writes a column for the Blade!

If you are concerned with the outrageous nose-thumbing we're getting from this unholy alliance between the local newspaper and your tax-supported university, email Governor Kasich. He has the ultimate control over UT.

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