Segregation is the answer to the illegal immigration problem


The Senate vote to give 11 million illegals U.S. citizenship will probably happen today. (Okay--I know there will be people who will get all technical and say "It's just a 'path' to citizenship." Yeah, sure.)

We know that the impetus for this is to gain votes. They will be Democrat voters, but the Republicans somehow think they'll get a piece of the action. Yeah sure.

We are going to bestow citizenship on these people based on one criterion--they broke our laws.

So, we should have some say on the conditions of their newly acquired gift--shouldn't we? My suggestion is we designate three states where these illegals must live in order to obtain citizenship. Let's give them Vermont, Oregon, and Massachusetts. They have to live in one of those states for 10 years before they become eligible for citizenship.

Since we have an Electoral College, we can segregate them into three states that will always vote for a Democrat president anyway--so their votes won't really matter.

Now the Chuck Schumers of the spineless Senate would say, "We can't treat these people like this--they have been living in the shadows and deserve all of the freedoms afforded o legal citizens." Yeah, sure.

No votes yet

But until Republicans get control of the Sente again (possibly in 2014), nothing is going to have any effect against the Dems grandstanding and lying on this issue. Also, it may take a while, but liberal black taxpaying citizens will eventually HAVE to come to the realization that all these illegals are taking jobs from the black community. Conservative black Americans already get that.

I think Obama permanently lost young voters with this NSA scandal. The 18-30 crowd suddenly sees him for who he really is. Behind the scenes, he is threatening country after country to not let Snowden in. I LOVE watching Putin stand up to party boy.

2014 mid-terms are going to be fascinating to watch. I believe that if party boy is stupid enough to actually get Snowden extradited at some point - the Senate will be ours. In other words, this will backfire on him big time. He doesn't get that yet.

"The 18-30 crowd suddenly sees him for who he really is."

Hardly. They voted for him again in 2012 knowing enough about what he's really all about, since Romney was the opposition. And they'll still vote for whatever corrupt Dem candidate is running in 2016, for the same reason. The Democrats run a corrupt goat since the Republicans run a corrupt goat, and vice versa.

Send everybody back to where their ancestors came from and the Native Americans can have their country back.

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