"They honestly believe that they're giving themselves "political cover" on Amnesty by throwing some last-minute phony enforcement provisions again, provisions that will never be enforced into the bill... and they honestly believe that they can pass their Amnesty bill into law before you are any the wiser... before you realize that these provisions will never be implemented... before you realize that you're being two-timed and double-crossed.
' Here's a news flash for our Republican Senators: Hispanics aren't going to vote for you because you helped Democrats grant Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and the American people already know the "enforcement provisions" that appear in this Amnesty bill are bogus. Stop looking for cover.

"The construction of 700 miles of border fence is already the law... it's been the law since 2006 but our government has only built 36 miles of that fence.

"The American people are still waiting for the border security and immigration enforcement provisions of the 1986 law to take effect.

"Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security has done everything in its power to handcuff our immigration enforcement agents and his Department of Justice went so far as to sue the State of Arizona for attempting to enact commonsense border security and immigration enforcement.

No votes yet

And as I have posted here before - all my Democrat friends here in Lucas County also oppose this amnesty. The Senate can't be stopped. It's only in the "people's" House that there is a chance.

I've posted some of the following before, so here goes again:

A relative in a southern state works at a large health clinic that (at this point) serves mostly illegal Mexicans, who have snuck into the U.S. and had the predictable anchor babies. Said relative (hereinafter referred to as "R") updates me a few times a year. It has gone from bad to worse in just a few years. R used to like their job, R thinks Congress knows exactly what goes on with illegals in the U.S., but are pretending they don't

First - This used to be a highly popular clinic with American citizens in the region. But then came the influx of illegals. Mexicans proceed to produce anchor babies upon arrival. Then they proceed to receive benefits that American citizens can only dream about. R thinks that a lot of Obamacare is about further helping these illegals. it certainly is not about helping American taxpayers.

You see, the Mexicans treated at R's clinic are not poor down-trodden farm workers. They have good construction jobs in most cases. THEY ARE PAID UNDER THE TABLE AND DO NOT PAY INTO SOCIAL SECURITY AND DO NOT PAY TAXES OF ANY KIND, OTHER THAN SALES TAXES. The HUSBANDS make all of the appointments for the anchor babies - because they do not allow their wives to learn English, in most cases. All appointments have to be made in the afternoon -- the wives don't drive -- after the husbands get off their well-paid (under the table) construction jobs. They are overwhelming this clinic.

What has gradually happened at R's clinic is that American citizens have, by and large, stopped going to that clinic. They have had to wait for long periods to get their own AMERICAN children seen by doctors, because the Mexican wives don't speak English in most cases - and R says, the children are not well cared for (meaning not clean), and not well supervised in this medical office. And there are horror stories about how these Mexican mothers do not follow prescribed treatment for their babies, and then when the infant remains ill [for as long as a year in one case] - CALL INTO THE CLINIC AND SAY THEY ARE GOING TO SUE THE CLINIC. To which my relative replied - "You have that baby in here within the hour, and know this - I am calling children's services, and you will be receiving a visit from them - TODAY if I have anything to say about it."

I could go on and on. The stories are horrifying. Here's why, by the way, Congress is scrambling to promise the moon and the sun and the stars to illegal Mexicans. They want these paid-under-the-table Mexicans with GOOD AMERICAN JOBS to come out of hiding, so that they can get them to pay income and social security taxes.

YEAH THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. What kool aid are they drinking in D.C., that they think these conniving illegals who are living the good life at American taxpayer expense ... WANT to become American taxpayers themselves?

I think maybe baby boomers and older who are retired, might want to think about spending their retirement years (and Social Security dollars) in Canada. LET this become Northern Mexico.

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