The boys on the tracks

That's a book title. I used it in a brief reply under another poster's title. It occurred to me that it could use a good public review, even if only on a small local blog:

A quick "google" will give you lots of links. I chose Editor Joe Farah's, because he does a good outline in the above link, for those unfamiliar, or who have short memories.

Clinton as Governor could have allowed the truth to be aired about the murders of these 2 teens, but chose to roadblock instead. Then, later on, we had this goofus's wife sayshaying into a Senate seat based on nothing more than that she was the poor poor pitiful wronged wife of a slimy (IMHO) creep.

Well after, of course, the convenient death of JFK, Jr. - whose death was ruled in the final FBI report as a "political assassination of the highest order." Because JFK, Jr. had made it known that he was planning to run either for that NY Senate seat or the Presidency itself.

Sometimes I think the public doesn't connect various dots for several reasons. Not really laziness. I think it is mainly two things: People are overwhelmed by the pace and stress of modern life - and the media lies - period.

I won't post the link for the article "Who Killed John John". Anyone interested can bing or google it themselves.

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You are correct about people not being able to connect the dots. It appears that the overall IQ of Americans has seriously declined--probably related to our public school system.

One thing that struck me while reading the article was--why do we give governors and presidents the right to pardon prisoners? Very silly.

Clinton pardoned crooks as prez, as well.

I'm not a fan of the public school system. Or university system. It is said that the average college degree of today is equivalent to the high school diploma of 60 to 100 years ago. [With exception of degrees for actual useful knowledge such as doctors and rocket scientists, of course.]

But I do think that people don't pay close attention because they are exhausted from modern life.

One example - Ted Cruz said on the Limbaugh show in the past couple of days that citizens should call their Senators if they oppose this immigration flim flam (flim flam being my words). He's probably right. I am not acquainted with ONE Democrat in the Dem stronghold of Lucas County who is FOR this Senate bill. Not one - Dems friends have been crying on my shoulder about this. I then, naturally, have to point out to them that when they voted for BO, they voted for this mess.

Now, would calling either of our Ohio Senators change anything? See, that's the problem - few believe anymore that calling or e-mailing their Senator will do any good. So you mix the exhaustion of a beleaguered public with the media lying all the time - or distracting everybody with discussion of flight 800 ABOUT WHICH NOBODY CARES AT THIS POINT - and it's almost impossible to connect the dots for the average American adult.

They just listen to Diane Sawyer (for one of many) and believe whatever baloney she spouts. I mean, here is a woman who claimed to be personal friends with JFK, Jr. - who KNOWS that he was an excellent pilot - and who I AM SURE has read the article "Who Killed John John" -- and not once has she ever publicly opened her mouth to tell the truth about this. Not once, to my knowledge.

As a country - I think Dilbert is right: We are doomed.

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