Yet again, Mychal Massie hits the nail on the head. Apparently this young black young man didn't look enough like BO's non-existent son to merit mention:


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is the reason your brain is fried. Not your dope intake. The monkey is kinda cute, tho.

Are you Tater?

How can Obama have disregard for Blacks? He plainly stated that Trayvon Martin could have been one of his sons. As a side note, more "sons of Obama" were out last weekend, shootin' and killin' up a storm in Chicago, which is Miscegenation Ground Zero.

The violence in cities, militia groups, crazy people killing children at grade schools, a strong indicator that the American culture is lost.

It's not the action of the minority that determines cultural change. It's the reaction of the majority. The majority have the power, after all.

Violence in the cities is shaped almost entirely by the reaction of the majority, that being largely Liberal so-called values, those specificially being either fleeing, or denying people the right to self defense. The spectrum of law enforcement in the USA is actually very soft on crooks. Pro-action on the part of police (who tend to be right-wing) is almost always countered by the revolving door in the courthouse (which tends to be left-wing).

Self-styled militia groups are so tiny that they can be totally ignored. But Liberals fear and hate them so much (much like they fear and hate Libertarians and TEA Party members, both on the same order of tiny minority) that they demonize the very idea of the militia. This is just a continued attack on self defense.

And the school shooting thing is perfectly fixable, for the obvious reason that people in harm's way must be able to defend themselves... but the Liberals who run these schools refuse to allow people to defend themselves.

Everything you complained about is directly or indirectly linked to Liberal reactionism, which is itself the true sorrow of this nation.

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