Lopez Doesn't Know What To Say Without A Script

WNWO had a great piece last night on the Mayor's race in Toledo. Lopez stumbled through and the Youtube video of it is being watched all over the state.


What do you all think of this? Overblown? Expected? Funny?

People are already making GIFs of it:

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The raw video is hilarious. She is being manipulated into trying not to saying anything that might get her into trouble. I've had her on air a number of times, never submitted questions beforehand and found her to be quick on her feet and knowledgeable about her office. It may be that because she does not have a good understanding of the mayor's job that she stumbles without notes. Sad though.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

So the Blade article (Sunday's edition?) on her not being able to speak extemporaneously didn't surprise me one bit. Besides the plastic quality, she comes across to a lot of us as incredibly snotty -- and is depending on the local hispanic vote, rather than native intelligence and ability, to make her candidacy viable.

I haven't noticed her being quick on her feet. She relies heavily (as the Blade pointed out) on formulaic phrases and responses that are very obviously prepared beforehand as standard responses to questions she more or less expects and wants to deflect. Somebody else laid the groundwork at the agency she now heads. I don't think she has any overly useful, original ideas of her own.

Maybe she's paranoid and stumbles because she knows that the Euro's will take any opportunity they get to manufacture twists to paint her as incompetent. Typical political strategy and especially if the candidate is a non-Euro.

The only reason she's paranoid is because everyone's against her.

If everyone is against her, can it be concluded that she hasn't got a chance winning? Maybe she should drop out of the race and support a candidate that can win.

You have a city that has created a political system where both mayoral candidates can be from the same political party. Couple that with the ignorance of the Toledo electorate, and it really doesn't matter how qualified a candidate is--there's no hope for this city.

Yes, that's true. Voting for mayor in this city is largely relegated to a "choice" of strong-left or weak-left. Rightwing selections have no real representation.

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