If You Think Congress Is Resisting Executive Usurpation, Think Again: Indefinite Detention Re-Affirmed

"We have seen some in a few places where we would expect it: Boehner and McCain have practically campaigned for the President on the issue of domestic spying. Dick Cheney and Barack Obama sounded the same and most of the Republicans were in favor of “empowering” President Barack Obama with the authority to throw Americans into prison without trial. Republican's as well as Democrats are holding all Constitutional limitations in contempt as nothing but a weakness that supports terrorism. Well, yes, the entire Fourth Amendment could be understood that way, and it would be easier for the government to capture criminals if we didn’t have it. If that is how you think, please move to some other country immediately. In the meantime, any thought that Republicans were overwhelmingly in favor of Constitutional limits and opposed to executive usurpation needs to be forgotten.They just aren’t that into the Constitution".

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As long as you fools keep voting for the left and right wings of the Corporate Warfare-Welfare Party, the Congress, President and even Supreme Court will continue to support the imperial model.

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