Excellent interview on the Snowden revelations

All he did was confirm:
1) What 3 other former NSA workers had tried to make public, and
2) What most of the literate American public knew was going on anyway.


I have a bone to pick with a recent Krauthamer article (posted in the Blade). It makes me wary of Krauthamer, who I generally enjoy reading. He accused Snowden of being "under-educated". I immediately thought of many of the truly evil (based on their deeds and affiliations with places like Bohemian Grove)... famous individuals who have formal college degrees. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, David Rockefeller, many of the Bush family, the list is endless.

And Mr. K feels that a GED combined with apparently extraordinary native intelligence is "under educated". Well I'm sure that strokes the egos of those with a sheepskin degree - but it is not only elitist - it ignores reality. If "education" is considered by some to be based only on the paid-for document that says you spent 4 or more years in college - well then we have a really false definition of what "education" consists of, out there. Shame on you Charles Krauthamer. You are smart enough to know better. Lots of people with 4-year degrees are out and out morons, and in the case of people like Queen Athaliah, desperately evil.

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 photo republican-victory-center_zps81f321e7.jpg

...and where is the photo of the Dem "victory center" when Republican Kasich won the governorship?

Following up on my original post, I have since listened to a very good interview on CNN with Rand Paul, who absolutely disputes the usefulness of this mega spying on American citizens, and points out that the NSA official who lied to Congress about this earlier in the year BROKE THE LAW.

And the mainstream media trotting out evil Dick Cheney? - whose guts they otherwise hate - to bla bla bla about Snowden's supposed transgressions? Don't make me laugh MSM boobs and boobettes. A woman named Kathy O'Brien described in detail Cheney's absolute evil in a book - "Tranceformation of America", if memory serves on the title. It was written with a former CIA operative, and if read by the American public in any great numbers, would seal forever any aspirations to the presidency by Hillary and many others.

p.s. Trollie wollie, if you are going to invent "personalities" [to whom you then talk], can't you do better than this?

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