In November 2011, the most publicized issue on the Ohio ballot was Issue 2, which would have limited collective bargaining for public employees. It lost by a margin of 24 percentage points.

On that same ballot was the anti-Obamacare Issue 3. It won by a margin of 32 percent. It won in EVERY county in Ohio.

Apparently, State Representative Barbara Sears is unaware of these statistics--or more likely--doesn't care that her constituents voted to keep Obamacare at bay.

Earlier this year, Sears was the only Republican committee member to vote against a bill that was designed to provide an additional line of defense against Obamacare.

Sears didn't stop there. She has supported and introduced her own bills to expand Medicaid in the state at the expense of generations of future Ohioans. What was she thinking? pointed out that Sears receives tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the health care industry and currently works for a health insurance provider. That explains it. She is using her position as a politician to further her professional pursuits without regard for the constituents she was elected to represent.

Sears recently spoke to a group at the Sylvania library. I attended the meeting and it was interesting to hear how Sears tried to explain her decision to support the expansion of Obamacare; and it was equally interesting to observe the anger expressed by her constituents.

As one of her constituents, I share the opinion of an attendee who indicated she could never vote for Sears again. If you know people who live in Sears' district, I would encourage you to share this post with them. (You can use the "Share" feature.)

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