Is Anita Lopez ready for a high-profile race?

Yes. She'll be a fine Mayor.
65% (55 votes)
No. She's not doing well under pressure.
18% (15 votes)
She's fine. Needs help talking to the press.
2% (2 votes)
She'll never be ready.
14% (12 votes)
Total votes: 84
No votes yet

It all depends on what The Blade feels about her. If Block or his cronies like her, she'll get a pass. If not, there's a significant chance that there'll be reporting of what naughty things she did in 6th grade.

I don't feel she has enough experience to be Mayor, although if the Blade can convince enough people to vote for her she will be their puppet.

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So I have to do this as a "reply".

As to your comment - did you see the Blade article on her? As far as I can tell from that article, they have already staked out not-Lopez territory. The article was NOT complimentary. The Blade is not happy that she has these Stalin-like interview inquiry forms intended to alert her to any and all question she might be asked.

I don't think she has a chance, and am basing this on what I saw with that appointed Hispanic "girl judge" with the long hair, who looked like she was 16 (2010 election). Another former blog's owner (whose husband was hispanic) called that race for the girl judge.

Anyone who knew anything about the legal community in this area, knew that "girl-judge" had no chance. Strickland appointed her to a vacancy (can't recall her name) in an obvious bid for the hispanic vote - not based on qualifications - which were non-existent. You could almost hear the local legal community, including friends and family and offended Democrat attorneys who were passed over for this appointment - you could almost hear them thinking - OVER OUR COLD DEAD BODIES.

Something like, I believe, will be in play now. The hispanic vote won't really help her achieve the Mayor's office, because you can sense the black voters, along with many others who haven't forgotten Larry Kaczala, also thinking OVER OUR COLD DEAD BODIES. She has ambition without the qualities of leadership people want in a Mayor. Compared to her, Bell looks like the professional he is. I don't care for everything he does - but not living in Toledo, I don't waste time criticizing him.

Bell didn't have any mayoral experience either. Frankly, I don't like any of the candiates running for mayor. When I vote, I will vote for Mc Namara.

Didn't think that one through did you?

I didn't say anything about him having "Mayoral experience." I said he was a professional. And he was and is a professional, as opposed to a political hack. He attained the Mayor's office based on an exemplary career.

Lopez? Give me a break - political hack moves are the only reason she has her current position. And again, with very little IMHO in the way of qualificatons. She was politically connected as a Democrat in a Democrat stronghold - and I am guessing received a good portion of what is called the "minority vote". But Bell himself HAS minority status - as well as a notable career. She is kidding herself if she thinks she can win over him.

The American Community Survey shows a 7.4% Hispanic portion of the City of Toledo for 2010. 82% of those are Mexican in origin. That's not a small voting block, but it can't compare initially to the other racial slices of 65% White and 27% Black. Let's be honest. With a Lopez vs Bell race, White voting will be self-suppressed for obvious reasons. It's bad enough that the average voter turnout is in the 40s for percentage. White voting in a Bell vs Lopez race will be down to 1/3rd, probably. So if there's a strong Hispanic turnout, and it leans in Lopez's direction, then Bell does have something to worry about.

Lopez hasn't got a chance against Bell. Mc Namara has a better chance winning the mayoral contest than she does.


What makes Mc Namara such a good choice for Mayor????

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It is my opinion that he is a better choice for Mayor than Lopez. I've worked with him on some issues and he was sharp, had a tremendous knowledge of government, honest, did what he said he would do. and was a people person.


He has exploted a couple of the other canadates controversies to make it look like he would not have done the same, when he voted just as they did. Thats not being honest.. They all turn into politicans druing their terms..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I'm just telling you what my experience has been.

It looks to me like you're leaning towards the Euro's....

I'm leaning toward who I feel is the best candidate.

"Mc Namara has a better chance winning the mayoral contest than she does."

Not with the current electorate.

I'm going to vote for Lopez, unless Phil Copeland runs.