Using DNA To Trace Michelle Obama’s Past...

"First Lady Michelle Obama always suspected that she had white ancestors. But she had no idea who they were. With DNA testing and research, I was able to solve that mystery and finally identify the white forbears who had remained hidden in her family tree for more than a century.
"The Story of the Black, White and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama,’’ I pored over historical documents that I found in local archives, courthouses and libraries as well as records that I found online on and other state and local databases. But I knew that DNA testing would be the only way to unearth the truth.
Mrs. Obama’s white ancestors belonged to the white Shields family that had owned her great-great-great grandmother, Melvinia Shields. I persuaded several descendants of the black and white Shields to do DNA testing.

"The results showed that the two families were related. The DNA testing indicated that Melvinia’s owner’s son was the likely father of Melvinia’s biracial child, Dolphus Shields. (Dolphus Shields is the first lady’s great-great grandfather.)

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What is the source for this quote? Just curious.

Seems like some of the SB people are trying very hard to claim the First Lady and the President as a White person. They can't stand the idea that the President and First Lady aren't White.

Zeyad is correct, they are half white, well at least the POTUS is, who gives a crap about the first lady.

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At first I was reading this information thinking, "This is interesting." But then I realized this is one of those trick stories like the ones I get in my email. Michelle doesn't have any DNA. You had me!!

is my question. Which is why I asked for the origin of the quote of the OP.

Why wouldn't MO be happy to be black? As in "black is beautiful" - a saying from the 1970's that I actually liked. I had an acquaintance years ago who had fathered two children who were half and half, like Obama. Their mother (who was black) repeatedly instructed these children that they were white -period. Not black, not mixed race - white. In other words this was a black woman who was unhappy about her own race.

Sort of like (IMHO) Oprah who has gone to great lengths to let people know she is related to Elvis Presley, and calls Lisa Marie her "cousin". And the sad sad spectacle of Michael Jackson, who wanted white children, and specifically wanted Lisa Marie Presley, when married to her, to have his child.

Why shouldn'mt MJ want to have children with a white woman. The White man has brain washed the world that sex with a White Woman is the bomb.

Are you baiting Fred

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Yes. Let's see how Fred handles thiis.

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