"It was a Sunday night when George Grier went to his car only
to find 5 gang members of the dreaded "MS13" in front of his
house, allegedly ready to invade his Uniondale, NY home.
He quickly ran into his home, told his wife to call the
police, and grabbed a legally-owned AK-47 to confront the
gang members, telling them to leave.
Instead, the gang dared him to use his gun,,and their
shouts brought another larger group of 20 more thugs to his
home, threatening... "You're dead! I'm gonna kill your family and your babies! You're DEAD!"
" Grier fired 4 warning shots into the grass of his front yard
to scare them off and the shooting tripped off the local
P.D.'s "ShotSpotter" technology and within minutes, they
were there to save the day...... and arrested Grier for defending his home!
He was arrested for a "D-Felony Reckless Endangerment" for
firing warning shots at 25 of the most feared gang members
threatening to kill his children! Do you agree with the charge, or is this a travesty of justice. Seems to be the way of the U.S, A is B, and B is A.....2+2=5

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I think the police are wrong in this case. I'll pass this on to an acquaintance who claims he has a legal owned flame thrower to be careful how he uses it.

George Grier lives on Long Island. Long Island is in the state of New York. The state of New York does NOT recognize that its citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. This right is NOT encoded into the constitution of the state of New York. So the state of New York can come out and arrest you for waving a gun around regardless why you did it. It really does depend on the vagaries of state law itself in NY.

The same is true in 5 other states, like Iowa and California. Largely these are states totally fucked by Liberals. "Libfucked" is the term.

I prefer to remain in Ohio where my state's constitution recognizes my right to keep and bear arms. This means that no level of government can infringe on such a right, while I'm here. Not the federal government (they being so proscribed by the Second Amendment); not the Ohio state government; and not the county and municipal governments, since they are merely agents of the state government and must also abide by its limitations.

People who want to defend themselves need to get the fuck out of those 6 states and leave them to be more Libfucked than ever.

Case closed!

You do realize this happened in Sept. of 2010 and in Nov. of that same year the grand jury decided not to indict Mr. Grier on any charges, right?

I still prefer to live in a state where I'm never dragged to court for defending myself, regardless of the court outcome. Self defense of the individual should not trigger self defense against the state, too. That generally means anyone who tries to defend himself is risking being bankrupted by the state. So... phew! Smells like Liberals over there. The wretched stench of Liberalism.

Sounds more like Facism to me.

Self defense is Fascism? Fascinating. Outline how that's even possible, please.

From your other posts it has been concluded that your idea of self defense is attacking someone, and when they beat the crap out of you while defending themselves from you, you have the right to shoot them.

Day by day the numbers of crimes are increasing and we need to check so that people are living peacefully in the society. Recently a man was arrested for possessing for using an AK-47. It is a horrifying scene as a man having AK-47 is quite dangerous and people will afraid for handling an Ak-47 and it could the reason behind different accidents. People felt little relaxed after the man was arrested in connection for the possession of AK-47 riffle.
Now the person needs an lawyer to defend his case in court.

I believe every person has a right to protect themselves by any means necessary.

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