Corruption in Toledo? Nah.

I don't normally go to lib blogs like this, but they're attacking one of their own. Get the popcorn!

"The latest scandal to break involve 7 of her top political advisers (who also happen to work in her Auditor’s Office). They were all given huge raises totaling $131,147.73 out of the county budget. And most of these were right after these advisers worked on her 2010 election. Coincidence... I don’t think so. That’s an average raise of over $18,000! A politician who is using her elected office as a way to dole out cushy jobs to her political staff is not someone we can afford to promote to the Mayor’s office.

The cronyism continues today. Lopez’s current Campaign Manager works in her Auditor’s office. How much prior auditing experience did he have? You guessed it, 0. The person handling her fundraising received a $22,000 raise on the taxpayer’s dime. The individual handling her social media, an $11,000 pay raise. She gave the extremely politically-connected daughter of the former (and also scandal tarred) Party Chairman a $34,000 raise. If you work hard on the campaign like one staffer did, than you can get a raise of $22,497. Or if you want to just make a $2,500 donation to her campaign you will receive an $11,000 raise as one lucky staffer did. That sounds like quite the deal, but when it’s the taxpayer’s money why should Lopez care?"

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Looks like an endorsement for Joe McNamara. Toledo needs a progressive mayor of the Democratic bastion. Really???????

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Where exactly are these raise amounts being sourced from?

Why do you think our properties have been devalued and our property taxes increased?

I'm sorry, is that a source? Doesn't sound like it. A source is a document, published either online or via paper.

It's my tax bill.

You're being willfully obtuse. The RAISES are the issue. Where have these raises been reported? That's the source.

Where you that upset when mayor bell gave his 7 top political advisors, who happened to work in the mayors office also, big raises?


Willard thinks that under Lopez or McNamara that things will be done differently. That is so cute.


What is cute is just like the maggot threadber question I asked you on here some months back about three times, you won't answer the question. When an answer to a question to a right wing closet queer as yourself will make you look like a moron, you just evade it. Very predicitable of you.

Actually your question wasn't directed toward me. My response to you was the first time posting in this thread. If you want me to answer any question all you have to do is direct it to me.

What question did you ask of me that I have not answered. I answer questions or at least say why I won't answer it. There have been times where people on here ask questions of me that I didn't see but when brought to my attention I give one of the aforementioned responses.

You insults are hilarious because you think they bother me. You are below me so much I find them as cute as your nativity.


You meant naivete, right? Or do you know something about Willard's birth in a manger?

Posting from my phone. Sometimes it doesn't always autocorrect to the right word.


Actually I'm above you Joe. My taxes pay for slugs like you to collect Govt. welfare and sit home and play on the computer all day. I think that is pretty funny.



Unlike you I provide a service to my country.

The reason I am off early today is because I've been on what's know as temporary assignment of duty. During that time I've worked Saturday's and most days from 0800 to 2000 (8pm because I know the Math is difficult for you).

I also notice you didn't provide a question for me. You are a small and petty person and you have my pity.



Here Joe is the question I asked that you never answered but replied to for some reason.
"Where you that upset when mayor bell gave his 7 top political advisors, who happened to work in the mayors office also, big raises?"
There, answer that.
Now if you excuse me I got to go and provide a service to my country err I mean employer. How long are you going to use that "service to my country" line? I pity you. What you should of done is paid more attention in high school so you didn't have to join the service to find a job! Your a real hero ,Fraud. HaHa

I will point out the question was asked of Smckee, the thread owner. But as for my answer to the question, no I wasn't offended because it doesn't affect me. You see I pay taxes to Maumee and I've been quite happy with Maumee's leadership. I do find it funny when Dems like you complain about this one doing this or this one doing that. Toledo Dems are all alike but you guys keep them in control and wonder why nothing changes.

As for me, I will leave the Marines in 7 years. I will do that honorably. If you talked to my teachers at St. John's they would tell you I was a good student and well behaved. My college professors will tell you they wished I was not in my field because I was passionate and delivered a unique perspective compared to the other college students.

You make the assumption that I HAVE to serve because I have no other options. On the contrary. I turned down a very good job at UT and a good job in Cleveland to enlist. Since then I have been offered several jobs if I would just get out of the Marines. I don't serve for lack of options, I remain in because it gives my family great opportunities like seeing the world and I am able to influence and support selfless young Marines.

If anyone here is low on options it is you. You are stuck in Toledo, I know this because if you had a chance to leave you would have taken it. You probably only have a hs diploma, worked a manufacturing job your whole life, and choose the name barfly because it truly is what you do all the time.


Sounds like Willard exposed the real MikeyA. Paranoia is written all over MikeyA's reply.

How was anything I wrote paranoid? I am actually quite confident in my abilities. It comes from having been successful.


It's sooooo defensive.

Great story Joe. Maybe they will make a movie about your life!
"I am able to influence and support selfless young Marines."
Really, you actually expect anyone to believe that bullshit line. The only part you might be right on is seeing the world. What your helping is yourself with that 20 years and out full pension and lifetime healthcare. You do nothing and accomplish nothing in your support of "young marines". Write another ten paragraphs about what a great guy you are. Its entertaining.:)

"Tol Demo"
PS: Democrats suck just as much as right wing closet queers, nooffense.

Ok Willard, sounds like you are an expert at my job.

It doesn't surprise me. Every group of barfly's has an "expert".

What bar/bars are you the resident Cliff Claven?


 photo owned_zps2e1e42ae.jpeg

You gotta love McNamara's swipe at the Tea Party. The one thing we can say for sure about Toledo is that it has steadily declined during complete Democrat/union control. That's the only group that the facts would support being criticized.

Yes, the Liberals sure seized on the TEA Party as being pure evil or something. The reason is obvious: Such a strong, grassroots movement against high taxation turns Liberal blood into liquid nitrogen. The very idea that there will be limits on government income, terrifies the Liberal, who by nature is a hyper-spender and hyper-borrower, and if he can't lay his hands on personal income and credit, he sure as fuck can vote for politicians who can lay their hands on trillions of dollars via our wallets and the bankers (which eventually means our children's wallets).

I hear this thrashing the TEA Party all the time. Apparently TP members also eat Black babies and rape leper women. That's really not much exaggeration; the Liberal hatred of TP members is astronomically irrational. TPers get called everything imaginable except "White males". This absurd over-reaction is a prime indicator of how morally bankrupt Liberalism really is. They know people have finally had enough of Liberalism. They know Liberalism is in its old age and must die off.

"They know Liberalism is in its old age and must die off."

Now that I re-read my post, that's such a good sentence that I'll have to post it again, inviting discussion with the Liberals, who for some reason have avoided responding to it.

The promise of Big Government is proving to be a nightmare.

Even they can't defend it. David Axelrod admitted the Gov't has gotten so big that the President can't control it. It MUST shrink or it will outgrow its natural limitations and die off.

That was a succinct sentence that wrapped up the issue perfectly.


We all know that many politicians are corrupt. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg in Toledo Politics. At least sandwiches are not being served to all the employees.

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