Oh So That's how dumbbell Dick Durbin got elected...



Busy little beaverette, isn't she?

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and has become a FULL BLOWN Chicongo -corrupt- Gimmerat ran government entity with the power to take your wealth, your home, your assets, and to imprison you.

Perfect Maoist goon squad to implement the taxes, fines, and imprisonment OweBaMaoscare Nightmare Health scare , entails.

Lerner-is a Demonrat-in every sense of the word.

Kind of like them all...

Before believing anything, always consider the source. Remember all those lies floating around during the last Presidential election? Ever wonder where they come from?

"Gateway Pundit, National Review Online, and the Daily Caller picked up a post from Breitbart and claimed that it was evidence that Biden didn't play football at Delaware and is "lying" about it." I know, important stuff huh? But it was shortly proved that our Vice President had played college football during the time referred to in a statement. This behavior reminds me of schoolyard bullies who pick something minor about a fellow student, let's say the student's socks are old, then change it around and then make fun of that student. I mean, have you noticed they pick the most insignificant stuff to blow about when we have such more important things to talk about?

These groups cherry pick information from the Internet, then write a completely new (false) story about the topic that suits their goals. They particularly like really old stuff, i.e. last century, so when they take things out of context, it's more of a challenge to find the true facts.

Another trick they use is to find stories about something people don't really understand, quote something out of context, then explain what that quote means. And sometimes their explanations go even beyond lying.

I must be getting really old because when I was younger this kind of behavior was considered to be anti-American!

(P.S. If you have free time, read the article and let's see who can come up with the most incorrect number of facts claimed in the story.)

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