On this Memorial Day

We should remember those who, as conscientious objectors, placed their futures at risk by fleeing the nation of their birth rather than participating in the useless, futile and agonizing bloodbath known as Vietnam. In an era that glamorizes seemingly every Vietnam vet as a hero, the C.O.'s understood that the war was the result of imperialist impulses for which politicians were willing to sacrifice the lives of 58,000-plus young Americans.

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In 1968 I was waiting for a plane in Washington National Airport. A Marine Captain came through and some people spit at him. I say the men and women who served were heros and the ones who avoided the draft were heroes.

Everyone is a hero. If you even call someone else a hero , that makes you a hero too, even if you sit behind a microphone!

Which one of the following do you think is Fred's hero? :
A) Barry Obama
B) Robert Shelton
C) George Lincoln Rockwell
D) Robert Welch Jr.
E) Ghandi
F) Nelson Mandella
G) Howdy Doody
H) Richard Nixon
I) Billy Graham
J) Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is my hero. Here's why: he has managed to go from overweight blowhard who built his reputation on a false rape story to a regular sized blowhard with his own television show. That's my dream, if I can only put down the sandwiches long enough to find a false rape story like he did.
No wait, Barack Obama is my hero. Here's why: he managed to take a youth spent smoking dope, a name change and turn it into a political career. That's what I want.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Open mouth insert hook, Fred. In my opinion Howdy Doody is your hero. The only problem is that Howdy Doody is a dummy and can't eat sandwiches. I'll take a ex-weed-smoking, name changing President over an Imperialist Texan with an IQ of 17 any day.

One thing we do know about Bush is that he had better grades than John Kerry did at Yale (Google that).

Did Obama have better grades than Bush? Well, Obama refused to release his college transcripts. Interesting--isn't it. How many brain cells are destroyed each time you smoke pot?

Bush never released his college transcripts. Thanks, I did google that. And Romney never released the much more important documents, his tax returns. Google that.

The richest people in the world either never went to college or dropped out. Bill Gates? So what exactly does a college transcript mean?

First, I would suggest you should actually read the posts you are commenting on.

Second, here is a link to the information about Bush's grades (please see my first suggestion about reading the post--did I say that BUSH released his transcripts)? http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/opinion/columnist/benedetto/2005-06-...

Third, do I have to do EVERYTHING for you liberals?!

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Yep, there is no one braver than the men who said, "I'd rather cross into that land of the unknown--Canada--and make beads and smoke dope than to accept the responsibility that my Country has placed on me to fight against the Communists who want to take over the world."

All of us know that Vietnam wasn't about Communism. It was about war good's profits. Vietnam is now a Communist Country and that doesn't impact the US one bit.

After Viet Nam fell, a ripple effect took place across that part of Asia. Millions of people were murdered. They even made a movie about it called The Killing Fields.

How did that affect the US except gave some director a script?

Conscientious objectors could register and avoid the draft. I know guys who did including Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., aka Muhammad Ali. OK to fight for money, but not for country I guess.

And there is a name for a place where if people don't like the law, they just don't follow it. It's called anarchy. There are a lot of things in life you don't want to do, but you do because we live in an organized society.

The draft dodgers came home and got amnesty. A lot of guys came home and got buried. You won't find any statues or parades honoring C.O.'s or draft dodgers this weekend.

Shall we add Memorial Day to the long and growing list of American Instutions that have been or are trying to be prostituted by Libtards?

According to Libtards, "marriage" is the union of any two people for any reason at any time BECAUSE THEY SAID SO. And you are ordered to accept it BECAUSE THEY SAID SO.

According to Libtards "Womans choice" ONLY means aborting a baby. But if you happen to be the first black women Republican Secretary of State, you got there by being a "house ni66er"

According to Libtards, life is sacred IF you are a mass murderer and rapist. You're worthless life should be spared capital punishment BUT if you happen to be an innocent unborn child, you can be chopped up and flushed out of a uterus with absolutely no regret. "Abortion is 100% a womans decision" but if that same woman wants to keep that baby, the man is on the hook for child support for 18 years.

According to Libtards, "Keep your laws off my body" unless you want to make me quit smoking, then you can impose your will on my decisions.

According to Libtards, "Freedom of choice" unless that choice is to NOT join a Union. Then we need laws to force our choice on you.

According to Libtards, "There MUST be a seperation of church and state" but taking my money to give out as welfare payments has NO moral basis and therefore is NOT religious morals being forced on me.

A "hero" is not someone who fought for your right to screech your lame opinion at the top of your lungs, a "hero" is someone who refused to accept the meaning of "honor" "duty" "sacrifice"or "responsibility" and instead ran away from protecting the country that gave them the right to freedom.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

If you think one has to be religious to have morals, you must not know really moral people. In other words, if you are only claim to be moral because you're "religious", you're not moral but religious. There is a big difference between the two.

And so you don't want separation of church and state, then fine but don't bitch because it's my religion in the state and not yours.

Your church may approve of your choice for a marriage partner, but my religion, now running the government, must make sure your prospective mate meets our requirements, including all those "must be pure" tests.

And you can send your kids to the Sunday School at your church, but the state will require all children be taught the "official" government church, my church, during regular school hours. And all laws will be based on "Biblical" teachings; it'll be just like Sharia Law, except we'll use the "God" figure we choose.

How strange, all that combining church and state sounds a lot like what happened in the U.S.S.R. for decades after World War II or is happening now in many Middle East Countries.

I don't claim to be religious and I never have. I support the 1st Amendment because I don't want some jackbooted thug telling me I have to face Mecca and prey 5 times a day or tell me I have to go to confession.

And, since according to polls, up to 90% of Americans believe in some sort of "higher power", I know I am in the minority so I have to be the one to accept others beliefs. I don't care if someone wants to put a manger display on a public court house lawn. That is Free Speech and Freedom Of Religion in action and I have to be the one to shut the hell up about others practicing their freedom. The 1st Amendment SAYS SO.

With that in mind, the Supreme Court HAD ALREADY RULED that Religion does not only include the traditional organized religions such as Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or Islam, but it also includes COMMON MORAL VALUES as a religion.

"This decision establishes an expansive definition of what constitutes religious-type beliefs. Provided that the belief is not strictly personal and the person claims that the beliefs serve the same function as a traditional religious belief, the state should recognize its validity. As a result, when applying for status as a conscientious objector, believers in nontraditional variances of monotheism are offered the same rights as people of traditional faiths"
See United States V Seeger - 380 U.S. 163 (1965)

Therefore, since Welfare is based on YOUR moral belief that Mommy Gubbermint has a duty to provide for those "less fortunate" YOU are forcing your morals ON ME and that is against the seperation of Church And State.

You and your kind HAVE CREATED THE DE-FACTO RELIGION OF WELFARE that I am forced to donate my money to.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I think in some case it is needed and deserved. And I don't think Church groups are the way to go to handle it. They always demand something in return.

But, I have seen welfare abused far too often. The downtown public library serves an empty downtown. I only see derelicts using the computers. The missions kick people out during the day so the library seems to serve as their living room until the mission re-opens back up for the night. I think they should put some sort of application on those publicly paid for computers and count how many are actually used by people looking for jobs. And since the missions provide full room and board, why do the missions make sure everybody signs up for food stamps. If you want to get some food stamps charge cards for 50 cents on the dollar, hang out outside the library. Most of the guys get about $200 a month, and some even get cash. And I'll only give you one guess as to what they buy.

There are some conscientious objectors who I think are heroes, but they didn't flee.

They are the ones who said I don't care about your draft or your war, I will not fight and I feel so passionately about it that if you choose to put me in jail because of my beliefs then so be it.

While objecting a war those brave individuals knew the price of freedom and were willing to pay it just like our fallen service members.


Conscientious Objectors were not punished for their status. They were just known after stating their position as C.O.'s and received a draft deferment. People who knew of their C.O. status (most kept it quiet) could treat them as they chose.

You probably know some C.O.'s, but aren't aware of their deferment status.

I was writing in reference to the original post.

He referenced CO's who fleed the country fearing reprisal. The implication is he gives the CO term to people who were never officially given the status.

AND if one claimed to be a CO and did not receive the deferment and then were drafted and refused to serve would be held legally liable.


he's ashamed to show them in public.

Macomber GED's, are a very, very, Brave lot !!

He's going to find out....

Auto mechanics are a tuff bunch.

A dark side of WWII
With the upcoming anniversary of the 1944 D-Day invasion, an untold story is coming to light about some of the soldiers who participated in that turning point in WWII. David Martin reports it's all part of a story that's not easy to hear.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

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