two democrat senators instructed the IRS (in writing) to target specific groups

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I have personally signed multiple petitions asking for closer I.R.S. review of groups I felt did not meet the requirements of the tax status they held. Donations to political issues or candidates are not tax deductible or tax exempt. The Federal Election funding laws are there for a reason. You have heard of Tom Noe, haven't you?

If you don't like a law, shouldn't you try to change it instead of break it?

Please enlighten us--which specific group that the Senators were targeting broke the law? And which law did they break?

I said I have signed petitions, not necessary the same ones involving these Senators. As evidenced in the video, the "journalist" (and I use that term lightly) did not mention a specific group.

However, I would be happy to list a few and explain why I thought they needed closer examination. And if I can find the information, I'll even list a few due for scrutiny that I'm not aware of.

But, you'll have to wait. I'm busy today.

Do you then feel that by signing that petition the IRS has a right to ask you what you pray for, what books you read, the names of your friends and family?

How to you define journalist?


I feel the I.R.S. should know if the people who filed for a tax exempt status should know if the filers are lying on the filing forms. Just like when you file your yearly taxes, the I.R.S. gets a copy of your W-2 to sure you didn't lie.

The groups I asked for closer scrutiny obviously lied, but it was the I.R.S.'s job to prove it, not mine.

I am not dragging you into anything. I am responding to your two posts. Of which you didn't answer my question.

I have no problem with the IRS investigating possible fraud and evasion but like every other investigative agency there must be probable cause for investigation. A person saying they suspect wrong doing is not enough. Disagree? Would you like me to tell the cops that I suspect you of being a drug mule? Does that give them the ability to ask what books you read?

That's the problem with this case. 1) it was politically one sided. 2) there has yet been nothing presented that there was probable cause. 3) the investigations were neither timely nor measured.


I have made complaints when I find the abuses, Unlike some people, I just don't pull something out of my ass because I don't like your political views. And groups representing many opposing political views have been marked for closer review of their status application.

I'm getting the impression that you don't know exactly what the I.R.S. was investigating.


OMG go back to the original post dumbass.

Two senators asked the IRS to investigate the Tea Party without probable cause. Then you come in with your story dismissing it. The original story was without reason to investigate.

You really need to reread the thread.


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Everyone should be allowed to provide tips about law breakers. If the alleged law breakers are investigated and found guilty, it's a great tip. If they are found innocent then they are better off.

And I do recall signing a petition for an I.R.S. review of Westboro Baptist Church's tax free (deductible) status.

A large chunk of the funeral expenses for a soldier killed in combat are not tax deductible, but if you donate to the kooks protesting at the funeral the total amount is Federal Tax deductible.

Kinda turns your stomach on Memorial Day, huh?

You know nothing of the funeral expenses for a service member and this post shows it.


"If they are found innocent then they are better off."

That's so stunningly ignorant, in the face of the costs of defensive litigation, particularly against a federal agency, that you literally have to be a mental retard to have said it in the first place.

Or a Liberal. Same difference, really.

In case you've haven't been paying attention, shows like The Blaze and Fox & Friends will get priceless mileage out of this, AND NEVER report the actual truth when it comes out.

I blame myself for not keep a list, then posting a column here about how often that happens. But with some of the kooks that post here, it would be a waste of time.

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