You have to separate the sheep from the goats

This is an article from a liberal site. Found it when doing a fast scan of what had to offer today [which, for the un-initiated, is a sort of reader's digest of articles from numerous sources & representing various viewpoints]. Sometimes the best thing at rense is the daily cartoon/photo. Today I thought the best thing was this article:

So why am I agreeing with dailykos? Because my grandparents WERE farmers, and never accepted ANY farm subsidy. They rarely had two nickels to rub together, but provided a kind of "wonderful life" for an extended family. They had land, free water from the ground, a peaceful life overall.

I am also agreeing with this article, because rank hypocrisy runs rampant in both major political parties.

The contents of the above article are why I don't have a big problem with either food stamps OR free cell phones. Yes, both programs are abused, but, um, BIG UN-REGULATED, UN-PUNISHED BANKS are what are currently driving the nation into the poor house.

I'm sorry, but we are going bankrupt bailing out the rich in this country, be it individuals or huge organizations, or banks.

CAUTION: If you are a liberal, don't get too happy that I posted this. The guy you voted for is in the back pockets of these bankers. And in supporting him, you are no better than Paul Ryan.

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At his last Tea Party, Bob Latta restated his opposition to government "handouts". Then a couple of weeks later, he promised to deliver the farm subsidies. But in the last few votes on the farm bill, guess which way he voted.

And ya gotta wonder about somebody who gets their facts from this site:

Be sure to read the ads on this site. They're a hoot!

It's liberals who swallow whole the non-stop garbage the mainstream media spoon feeds them - that you "gotta wonder" about. Same ole same ole troll blabber....

As in: Ooh ooh, don't read this site, and don't read that site - don't ask any questions about current events. Don't search the internet or even a library for objective information - BELIEVE what Diane Sawyer tells you - she wouldn't cover up or lie about anything. Bleabitty bleah bleah bleah, etc.

The funny part being that I posted an article from a LIBERAL WEBSITE, that had been re-posted at rense. A LIBERAL article. And that's because conservatives do not have a knee-jerk need cover up the truth night and day, like you do.

You don't even know exactly who you are mad at - Is it the liberal website that talked about a Republican - or Jeff Rense who included the liberal article in his long varied article listing. Do you even know if you are conservative or liberal - or, as is most likely, are you just another uninformed Obamabot?

If any of the drivel you spout could stand scrunity - you wouldn't need to be telling anyone not to THINK for themselves. To paraphrase various scriptures, lies and evil can never stand the light of day.

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