And The Beat Goes On....

Chart Showing 6 Drug Companies' Mistakes
The chart below shows the type of criminal activity, lawsuits and fines or judgments I was able to find for each of these drug companies. Keep in mind that these are conservative numbers and many records are not available without a Freedom of Information Act request. .
Also, many are not readily available online unless you know exactly what you're looking for, and what year.

Type of criminal activity Guilty of fraud and/or Illegal sales activity
Pfizer 9
GSK 11
Baxter 8
Merck & Co. 7
Roche 4
Johnson & Johnson 14
Federal and/or Civil lawsuits
Pfizer 10,000+ Individuals or together in class action suits
GSK 800+ Class action suits
Baxter 226+ Unnamed number of persons w/AIDS
Merck & Co 100,000 Individuals or together in class action suits
Roche 5,000+ Individual and/or class action
Johnson@ Johnson 500+ Individual and/or class action
Dollar Amount of fines, judgments as a result of criminal or civil litigation
$4 Billion+ Pfizer
$5 Billion+ GSK
$1.3 Billion+ Baxter
$5.5 Billion+ Merck & Co
$1.7 Billion+ Roche
$1 Billion+ Johnson@ Johnson

But farmers who have produced milk without pasuterizing it, goes go to jail..

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