We have a television set at work that is tuned into 24-hour news. I passed the TV once when an Obama press conference was about to take place and heard the reporter say that Obama was running 20 minutes behind schedule. I said to my colleagues, "He's never on time for these press conferences." You could have cut the tension in that room with a knife. Holy cow--I had just indicated that a black man had a habit of being late for scheduled events. You can't express the truth of a particular situation if it remotely touches upon a stereotype.

The two biggest characteristics Obama has going for him are he's 1) black and 2) a liberal. Although the benefits of these two oftentimes overlap, Obama has been successful in using one when the other isn't doing the trick.

The perfect example is the subject of where Obama was when word came in that the Benghazi attack was occurring and the U.S. ambassador was in trouble. On the morning news shows this past Sunday, several Obama lackeys were asked that very question. They responded that Obama's location was "irrelevant." Oh really?

His whereabouts were not "irrelevant" when it came to Osama Bin Laden being killed. The White House released photos of him in the Situation Room looking "Presidential" (although we did later find out they had to pull him off the golf course).

So why no photos of Obama overseeing an operation trying to save the first U.S. ambassador to die in the line of duty since 1979? First, there was that little detail that the Obama administration refused to approve a rescue operation. Second, Obama didn't care enough about the lives of the Americans who were killed at Benghazi to keep tabs on what was happening.

The good news is--Obama is black. So the media can't publicly suggest that he's lackadaisical, incompetent, or irresponsible. Too many stereotypes.

It's great to be the first black President!

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wanton criminal by Nature, and as sinful as any wicked, sinister, evil, America Hater, that has ever existed.


Smother this liberal heathen to prevent the noise and from it ever voting for the most criminal, lying, thieving, America hating, scum to ever slither around on their bellies-all 100% Gimmerat mooch bacteria.

Detroit-is their example of Demonrat governance-above par for the rest of these tax, waste, regulate jobs to China, assholes !!!

Zeyad, you need to wake up! Although the mainstream media is trying to cover it up, independent reports verify that Obama equipped the Department of the Interior with special-tactics drones that created conditions for the monster tornado that ripped up Oklahoma ... all for the sole purpose of getting people's minds off Benghazi and the other scandals. Marcy, it's said, was briefed on the deadly scheme beforehand and raised no objections!

I' m awake, I'm awake. I'm awake!

That's terrible that he gets a free pass. Like right now I'm reading all over the place about the free passes he's gettting.

And, as your income falls all due to 24 new Obozo Taxes, just pay them and smile dickbreathe... your lunacy & your insipid votes need rewarded .

Hey stupid, how's your roads in front of your shack ?
Your public school must be Woodward, Waite, Libbey/ Scott, or Rogers...all pits of liberal cesspool scum !

Anyone as vapid as you needs all the Federal Gimmerat assistance these vote buyers can steal for you ...

Tater Tot, it's clear to me and most sane people that Obama is not getting a pass. Anytime a Black person in this Country appears that his or her progressive ideas are succeeding many of us Euro's find fault. Example: Marcus Garvey, Z. Alexander Looby, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Stockley Carmichael, Huey Newton, Angela Davis, etc. Their progressive ideas protects everybody's human and civil rights. Maybe, you think the only rights to be protected are your own.

First, Martin Luther King, Jr.,was not a "progressive." Progressives abhor religion and have similar feelings about the Constutution. Democrats smeared King's reputation because they were the party fighting integration and civil rights for blacks. Al Gore's dad was one of the bigots leading this anti-black movement. Here's a site that will provide some facts:


Second, please share with us some specific "progressive ideas" that Huey Newton and Angela Davis provided that resulted in actual results/actions.


MLK was a republican.

Yep a pro-social justice progressive Republican…They don’t exist anymore.

I beg to differ! We have Not My First Rodeo.



I like to think of myself as having the brains of a Republican and the heart of a Democrat. I only support political candidates or issues I believe are good for everyone.

I get phone calls from the RNC and the DNC, both asking for more money. They are so confused. I tend to lean to Republican politicians and Democrat causes.

MLK was very much a progressive. His agenda involved much more than civil rights and voting rights, including his call for employment opportunity and fair wages for blacks and, earlier than even Walter Cronkite, an end to the Vietnam War that disproportionately killed African American men who, unlike their white counterparts, were less capable of evading the military draft. What we have today, and what is being taught in our schools, is the heavily edited, homogenized, feel-good version of King, similar to Coca-Cola's "We Are The World" commercial from years back.

You and communist , America hating, terrorist & killer-Angela Davis, sitting in a tree,K-I-S-S-I-N-G....first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Angela Davis-communist/ killer/ bomber/ murderer,etc. -with a baby carriage....asshole.


BOOOOO !!! it did it again !!!!

Rodeo: You must be reading publications to which only you have access.

Please give us the links to print/audio/video examples where reporters have demanded and received answers from Obama on any of the following:

Where was he and what was he doing on the night of the Benghazi attack? Did he meet with the Secretaries of State and Defense? Was he the person who ordered the military to "stand down" when they knew the ambassador was in grave danger?

When did he find out about the IRS targeting conservative groups (not when he found out about the Inspector General's report, which is how he's avoided answering that question so far)?

Who ordered the secret monitoring of a growing list of news reporters? The Attorney General said he didn't orderit--then who did?

Looking forward to the insightful information you must have that indicates a black, liberal President indeed is not getting a free pass from an otherwise bulldog media.

....but a opposing party who stated after he was elected that their only job was to see he wasn't re-elected. And much of the false facts coming forward are coming from the usual unreliable sources.

Regarding the issues you mentioned, I'd love to write a piece or two. I think every issue should be posted separately so that the thread doesn't wander too much.

What do you think?

By the way, I have only voted for a Democrat for President twice my entire life, once in 1996 and again in 2012. But in almost every election my vote was based on the lessor of two evils. Unfortunately, things I questioned about Obama in 2008 have come to pass.

My mom worked on Nixon's campaign in 1960 and I worked on his campaign in 1972. He did a hell of a lot of good, but is only remembered for screwing up on Watergate. If you remember, he did get us out of Viet Nam. For Christ's sake he was so far ahead in the polls in 1972, I'll never understand why they did what they did.

The original post was specific--Obama catches breaks because political correctness stands in the way of criticizing a black man. You indicated that he wasn't catching any breaks. I asked for specific examples supporting your claim.

No matter what Obama supposedly done or didn't do any so called "break" he got/gets won't be anywhere near as the break george w bush got after taking our country to war under false pretenses killing thousands of people. Btw, Obama is half white.

Any break won't even come close to the Iran-Contra affair. At least this President has not impeded investigation. If he is ever caught doing that, I'll be very disappointed. I still haven't forgiven him for his backroom tactics in the 2008 primaries.

First off, I have occasionally criticized the President and been called a racist. Now that is frustrating.

But in case you haven't noticed, he's not catching any breaks right now from the media. In fact, you listed three of them, didn't you?

That's ALWAYS my question when they tell one of their phoney baloney stories.

On this one, however, there appears to be a general belief that he was in the family quarters. I tend to believe that one, because it would give him what they call "deniability". If - as has been suggested by several different sources - Queen Athaliah & the admin did not WANT a rescue to take place, because [as Sen. Rand Paul tried to make queenie admit] somebody in the U.S. govt was running GUNS through that facility in Libya -- then it would make sense to me that BO would hide out in the family quarters for the duration.

That's what these House hearings are trying to nail down and make somebody admit. The only silver lining to this disgusting mess is that Hillary can forget any dreams she has of attaining the presidency and re-installing herself & Beelzebubba in the White House.

Again - no photos, because he wasn't IN the situation room. Just like there are no dead photos of Bin Laden because.... well you know.

There are photos, but it shows a lot about the person who asks for them to be released.

Is Terry Jones your pastor and are you sponsoring showings of Innocence of Muslims?

Just like there are no dead photos of Bin Laden because...well you know.

No, I don't know. Are you saying that Obama and ST6 are lying?

Sensor if you recall she inferred that JFK Jr was killed because there was nothing wrong with the plane. But she ignores the cause of the crash was not mechanical but was due to JFK Jr having spatial disorder which is common among pilots in small planes with fewer instruments.


You never know Mikey, the spatial disorder could have been caused by JFK Jr. being vaccinated as a child.

Along those lines, I now know what I would have done had I won the Powerball jackpot last week. I would have paid Al Gore to develop a universal sarcasm font for the internet.

I KNEW the JFK Jr. deal was still sticking in your craw.

It's doubtful that any readers/lurkers for whom I post for will still be reading this thread - but just in case... long long ago, on this message board, I posted something to the effect that the final FBI report on the JFK Jr. plane wreck concluded that the crash was a "political assassination of the highest order." I didn't infer anything - I reported that the final report [withheld from the public at large] SAID so.

Whereupon MikeyG jumped in to assure readers that the FBI doesn't do such reports... bleah bleah blabbity bleah.

I have figured ever since that time - that trollie wollie was waiting for me to post the link regarding Who Killed John John.

No, trollie wollie - at a certain point, I figure people can do their own homework. And knowing you were waiting for me to post that particular link - (because you know doggone well that there was an FBI report, all fake protestations to the contrary).... Realizing that you thought I would post a particular link was all that was needed to be scrupulously careful not to post it.

You are soooooo transparent, seriously.

And now I will have to, yet again, reward myself with a peppermint milkshake.

Unfortunately for you the FBI does not investigate accidents. The TSA does. You can access the official TSA report. You won't because you are a conspiracy theorist and have done so on multiple occasions.


that I believe the late Benazir Bhutto, and all of the others who said... well you know.

Abe, George Patton, U.S Grant, Bill Buckley, et al....they were severely devout Christian men who all swore a whole lot more than the typical Ohioan !!!


These people claimed to be Christians. Their behavior shows something else.

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