I agree with this author - BO is looking for a way to enter Syria's civil war

Ordinarily, this is the type of article I wouldn't post - too "predictive".

Which is the exact reason I am posting it. Lurker/readers can print it or archive it somewhere, and pull it out a year from now and see how much this guy got right. I think he has the administration's INTENTIONS correct. My hope is that as he and others sound the warning bell, BO will feel exposed, and not do these things:


Too many recent "events" don't compute. Starting with the latest - Boston. We have this HUGE over-reaching agency with the Nazi-sounding name "Homeland Security", and they couldn't prevent that?? - BASED ON INFORMATION THEY ALREADY HAD??? Seriously???? Doesn't compute.

The most glaring event, in my opinion, that had "fake fake fake" written all over it was the so-called "underwear b....r". The media basically covered up the fact that he was allowed to board a plane that was flying into the U.S. without a passport. [Had he been flying into Israel, he wouldn't have gotten past the ticket counter.] The media did admit that the perpetrator's father had sounded warnings. Warnings that were not only ignored, but underwear guy was shortly thereafter allowed onto a plane flying into the U.S. WITHOUT A PASSPORT. You and I know that NO AMERICAN would be allowed to do that.

In case anyone is not aware - two of his fellow passengers who witnessed the entire "letting a terrorist on the plane" episode are TWO LAWYERS FROM ROCKWOOD, MICHIGAN. Yeah - like 45 minutes north of Toledo. Husband and wife - were sitting & waiting on the airport floor and watched the boarding agent DENY boarding to underwear guy. THEN watched him disappear down a hallway, in the company of some kind of well-dressed "handler" - & came back and was then allowed to board. Someone in the U.S. had to have ok'd that. WHO gave the go-ahead for non-passport guy to board? The wife attorney set up an entire website about this, if memory serves.

I keep shaking my head at that episode. How can so many of the American citizenry be so bamboozled so much of the time?

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OMG! You are really off the deep end. And haven't you been claiming some of this stuff for a while to happen? And nothing happens. Do you know the End of the World guy?

Just some examples of how wacky this article is:

1. "The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) permits the government to arrest the dissident leadership without any due process of law." No it doesn't. It's part of the fiscal budget every year.

2. Boston Marathon bombing was staged. And here's why: "Congress is gearing up to pass legislation that would expand the surveillance state, but a couple politicians and some of the public is wary. So, the state decides to resort to gruesome violence in a very public place to remove the obstacles and turn the tide—when it does, however, it's unaware that its nefarious deed is caught on camera. Before the public can make sense of the story, however, the government strikes again, framing another man nowhere to be found in the original video for the crime." Sorry, that's from the movie Enemy of the State. You'd didn't think that was a documentary, did you?

3. Executive Order 13603 is Obama's plan to take over. Only if every President since Truman had the same idea since that's when the original order was signed.

Oh, I could go on and on, but don't think it's nice to torment the "special" people.

Regarding the underwear bomber, please check out your conspiracy theories first before posting. Don't ya know he had a passport, but it was forged (not really, just one of the many "theories" floating around on the nut boards). And believe it or not, some of the theories have either the date, city or country wrong, and some have them all wrong.

And just because some unknown person says so on YouTube, it doesn't make it true.

What? I heard they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true.

to the Attorneys' eyewitness account. They were there - you were not. Your argument is with 2 U.S. citizen eyewitnesses, not me.


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Currently the biggest proponents of intervention are Syria are Republicans. McCain and Graham are constantly on the TV pushing it…

How long to do think before they notice?

We’re dealing with people who have no sense of reality, it’s hard telling.

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(Has anybody told those Real American Men that most of the rebels are Muslim?)

Wait, I can't stop laughing.... These guys are Dems in disguise, and neither holds the title "Commander in Chief". And RINO McCain is (so far) in favor of war with just about anybody at just about any time.

... documented this better than I had recalled. From what I call my "IAE" files (standing for "I archive everything") files:


They have a lot of irrefutable backup, and have documented everything, including the fact that the videotape (surprise surprise) was not made available. Carl Levin wouldn't return their calls - U.S eyewitnesses, and passengers who might have lost their lives on this flight - and honest Carl wouldn't return their calls? Another non-surprise.

They have a Wordpress site, it must be true...what a much of great articles.

I got to read the truth about fluoride.
The truth about what's in jet contrails.
What really happen on 9/11...
I didn't know that NATO was going to take over. Glenn Beck tells me to watch out for the UN and Islamic-Socialists, depending whether its an even or odd day, now this guy says its NATO who's going to take over...you're saying this guy is legit, so it must be true.

It's not like just anyone can create a Wordpress site and say anything.

You were not.

You know they were there because they said they were there...yep. More than a few people were at the desert studio where they filmed the "moon landings" too... True, you can read it on the internet.

Unless you are believing some CONSPIRACY THEORY that, after the incident, the FBI interviewed two attorneys who were on the flight list, but who didn't really take the flight??? Why - you are accusing the FBI of malfeasance - how dare you? Or some other conspiracy theory. Wait, wait, I know - YOU BELIEVE (maybe) that the two attorneys are in reality space aliens, who transformed themselves into look-alikes of two Rockwood, Michigan attorneys, who all the other passengers saw on the flight.

Awwww trollie wollie, you really ARE getting desperate. Making up lies - shame shame shame.

There were two priests in the waiting area and they said the guy was wearing a gorilla suit and he was helped onto the plane by a seven foot tall banana. Not only didn't he have a passport, but he was completely nude. I mean he was probably nude under the gorilla suit. And it wasn't Detroit on Christmas (because they don't allow Christmas in Michigan due to the Muslims in Dearborn, 50 miles north of Toledo), it was Toronto on Halloween. Those crazy Canadians; gotta keep an eye on them with all their crazy immigration laws. And I saw the camera crew who filmed everything for The Blaze TV network, so surprise, surprise. And here's the link to prove I'm right!

And this would have happened except some nearby flying saucers heard the banana scream because the gorilla liked bananas too much. And then.......

What in the hell has happened around here lately?

Wolfman's serial posting (and subsequent serial re-posting) was barely tolerable, but there was still room for dialogue on both sides. Now it appears that the inmates have taken over the asylum and they haven't been taking their meds...


You noticed that too?

NMFR & SensorA are the same poster - along with about 30 other fake board ID's. These 2 board ID's in particular are on the board night and day, and their [most likely paid] job is to defend BO, and when that's not possible, just blather on and on whatever nonsense the multi-ID's poster thinks will keep readers from reading something. In this case, the attempt is to cause readers/lurkers to have the same reaction you have.

So what you want to read in this thread is the account by the attorneys from Rockwood of the underwear guy episode. That's what the board troll doesn't want you to read, so that's what it would be informative to read. But that's up to you and any other readers. This board troll doesn't bother me. I've seen these tactics on any message board I have ever read. Like one poster above says "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" etc.

Here, again, is the Rockwood Michigan attorneys' eyewitness account of the incident:


Again, trolls have assigned jobs. When they are failing at their assigned jobs, they tend to go off the rails (i.e., completely berserk) and unintentionally expose themselves - like with the "priest" story above, and one of the "ID's" recently spouting so much violence it should have gotten him banned from this and any other message board. Which alerts me that I am seriously getting under the troll's skin - and should re-visit this underwear incident in future posts.

The "priests" story was obviously not for real. It was just an example of how ridiculous your story is about the "Two Rockwood Attorneys." You do realize that your story is so easy to prove phony. Like, how come your "Rockwood" witnesses only show up on that website? Just wondering.

And why would anyone who wraps themselves in the flag go around spreading complete lies about their own government? Isn't that what the U.S. has enemies for? You're taking work away from poorly paid foreign terrorists (or making their job easier).

And if you had any advanced education, you'd notice when people's writing style is the same and when they vary.

Am replying whilst laughing myself hoarse. The WRITING STYLE deal. Thank you thank you thank you. Just about the stalest, lamest, retread EVER.... Trolls say that ALL THE TIME. The troll at WorldNetDaily's now-defunct posting board used to say that ALL THE TIME about his dozens of fake ID's. "Oh no - their writing style is completely different." Nah... your writing style remains pretty much the same. Especially when your "fakes" talk to one another. Hilarious, too You try the same ole, same ole tricks to divert attention from anything you want to remain hidden from view of board readers/lurkers.

I have to tell you though - you HAVE let the cat out of the bag regarding just how much the administration must be worried about these two attorneys coming to the attention of the general public. It took years from the time FDR was first warned about communist infiltration of government [which he ignored, taking Alger Hiss to Yalta with him, when he had been specifically warned about Hiss]... it took more than 10 years, to the eventual conviction of Hiss, and the publishing of "Witness" for the public to find out the truth - but they DID find out eventually. For those who don't know, Hiss, while a Soviet agent, working in the U.S. government - was the actual architect of the U.N.

It may take a few years for the public to understand who these 2 attorneys are and what they saw. But I can promise you this WILL be eventually exposed. And on this board - precisely because you are protesting too much, any lurker/readers interested in what is going on behind the scenes, have already looked into some of these links about the Rockwood attorneys. The exact result you don't want. Well, TOUGH BANANAS.

Nope, Rodeo and I am not the same person. And yes, our writing styles are completely different. Now out content may be the same (openly mocking you), but our writing styles are much different.

Nor have I ever had or used a sock puppet or different username on this board or any board in the last 5 years. You may not like my opinions or agree with anything I say, but I don’t knowingly lie or make false statements. I may not always get it right, but I’m way above average for this board.

Also, what trick exactly are you accusing Rodeo and I of using to keep things hidden on the board?

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