Obama Gas $3.89 per gallon today


All you low-information, poor and working class and lower middle class voters who voted for BO - y'all voted for these gas prices. Eleven cents under $4.00 per gallon. Have a great weekend at Cedar Point or Greenfield Village this weekend.

Oh yeah, you can't afford to do that for your children - all you can afford is a little food and $3.89 per gallon OBAMA GAS!

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Here we go again. It's the free market, you know the free market that you all love, that sets the price. Obama has no control over it just as Bush didn't have control over it when gas was $4:35 a gallon.

It's not the free market and it's not the President.

It's the current laws on the books that make the creation of new refineries so expensive that it is economically unfeasible to build.


Must not catch much local news about Toledo since in the last couple of days there were a couple of stories about the expanding of refineries in the area.

How dumb are you? Expanding does not mean creating a new one.

AND I do not live in Toledo. I live in California because I am in the military. I am on here and other Toledo websites because I am still a Lucas County voter and will remain one for another 9 years.


Which department in the Executive Branch of the United States Government sets gasoline prices? I can't seem to find it.

The United States has excess refinery capacity now.

Sorry, another question:
Could people who spread lies about any branch of the U.S. Government be considered domestic terrorists? Or if they spread them not knowing the facts, would they then be considered just stupid?

I believe it's the same branch of Government that caused Bush to be blamed for the cost of gas.

If that's what you call an answer it might explain your trouble in school.

(unless you are under 40).

How did Jack Kennedy get the steel magnates to roll back unnecessary price increases in the 1960's? I think he opined that all businessmen were s.o.b.'s, or something similar.

Again, don't be so hard on yourself. I wouldn't call you stupid - just politically dishonest.

Let's see now, how are the steel companies doing in the United States? Can we say Youngstown?

The issue in 2013 is gasoline prices. The issue in Kennedy's era - 50 YEARS AGO was steel, because, among other economic sectors, unnecessary price increases in steel had the potential to adversely affect the auto industry. Kennedy forestalled economic disaster in his day.

Concentrate now - we are talking about 2013 and unnecesarily inflated gasoline prices that are now adversely affecting almost every sector of the U.S. economy.

And the disinformation you were floating - to which I was responding - was that Presidents don't have any control over prices.


That unions get greedy and negotiate themselves out of jobs, and that our (mostly) Democratic reps in Washington failed to protect this country from "dumping" are just a few reasons, along with Bill Clinton's NAFTA, that we lose various industries in the U.S.. [Don't bother googling this or that rep from either party who didn't support a tariff. I don't care - Democrats - across the board - are know-nothings who spend most of their time protecting the baby-murder industry.]

Can't help noticing that you are STUDIOUSLY IGNORING Matt Taibbi's expose, which includes the fact that the Prez & Congress could do something about oil price gouging IF THEY WANTED TO. Proving that you don't know what you are talking about.

I disagree with Taibbi's penchant for spinning everything as if Republicans are evil and Dems are not. But here is one of his articles on what happened specifically in 1991 that allowed Goldman Sachs to create this huge "betting parlor", by getting a 1936 regulation overturned.


I have seen Taibbi speak on Bill Moyers' program, and he will admit, albeit reluctantly, that the Democrats serve the big corporations just as much as the Republicans.

Barak Obama AND the Democratic Senate could deal with this phoney "hedging exemption" this coming week -- IF they were so inclined. House Dems and House Republicans would follow suit in a nano second, once it was explained to the duped American public. They wouldn't dare do otherwise.

But Obama don't wanna.

that it was GW's ,fault.OIL MAN FROM TEXAS. HALLIBURTON !! WARS FOR OIL !!!!
And, gas averaged $1.82 in that epoch.

And now, Oooooooh,uhhhhhh, hmmmmmm,ahhhhhh, it's the Free Market.-Econ 101?!
As gas has averaged $3.55 in SantaObbamma's, economic terrorism unseen in all of American History.

The pretermit game heathens play is base in its shallow sinister attempt at deception.
You pukes ain't half as smart as you think.

There is gas all over America, in amounts that make the Middle East oil deposits , look like an East side driveway.

Envrionazi's and America haters interfere with our markets all the time.

THINK:HOUSING MELTDOWN-2 Laws made that all possible-1) The Community Reinvestment Act-anyone could get a loan, and anyone did, 2) The National Mortgage Act-zero down payments DICTATED by Fascist Gimmerats.

Econ-101 Babeeeeeeeeee......hey look, a wolf !!!


I forget, who was it again that deregulated many private sectors entities?

Maybe you should have taken Economics 102 & 103, but I'm not sure you even passed 101. In fact, not to sound rude, but you sound like you never got very far in the education department, let alone taking a class called Econ 101.

(Used to have some Haliburton stock, but sold it after it started to make less money.)

If the President sets gasoline prices, could you please tell us exactly how he does this? Inquiring minds want to know.

(By the way, I loved your comment about how the government takes in more taxes with higher gasoline prices.)

Apparently, Obama has a lot of friends in the oil business because that's the explanation you liberals gave us for how Bush controlled the gas prices. You're welcome!

Less than three percent of oil company stocks are actually owned by corporate individuals. But when it comes to friends who run oil and chemical companies, I seem to recall a lot of action by them in the 2012 Presidential Election. And they weren't supporting Obama. Or don't you know who Karl Rove or the Koch brothers are?

It's best to remain silent and though a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

Read Matt Taibbi's article on $4.00/gal gasoline & why the PRESIDENT AND the DEMS don't do anything to restore the safeguards that were once in place against (for one thing) the greedy oil speculation that SHOULD be against the law. Taibbi is a liberal, and his article on $4.00/gallon gas is easy to find via google. I've posted it here at least 3 different times. You have no answer to Taibbi's very revealing expose, because you have no understanding of the topic to begin with.

Additionally, the oil companies do little behind-the-scenes manipulations of the market by (according to one Tug Boat / Barge worker), for one thing, leaving barges loaded with oil off the Gulf Coast until the prices rise to levels the oil companies want, before they bring the oil in to storage facilities. That way, it looks like we have less oil available nationally on a daily basis.

In many different ways (including copying Jack Kennedy with the Steel companies) this President could be doing lots more to correct the gouging by oil companies and market speculators. Lots more. This guy represented himself as a champion of the poor. He is anything BUT. He couldn't care less what happens to the poor of this country.

You are correct, however, that we have excess refining capacity. We are being lied to about oil from every direction, about every aspect of the market.

"...because you have no understanding of the topic to begin with." Really, then shame on me.

Oil doesn't arrive in barges and the price paid for a barrel of crude is determined long before the oil even comes up from the ground.

didn't say it "arrived" in barges. He said that was where the oil companies PARKED IT, so that it wouldn't be counted in the country's oil supply numbers.

Where are those teamster truckers driving to Washington D.C. to protest gas prices now that Obimbo is in office? They were all over Bush cluttering up Washington when gas was $3.36/gal BRIEFLY.

Truckers protest gas prices in Washington, D.C.
Updated 4/28/2008 1:43 PM

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Horns blaring, truck drivers began arriving in Washington to protest high gasoline prices."

"The group, Truckers and Citizens United, plans to circle the National Mall on Monday before parking at RFK Stadium. From there, they will march and take shuttles to the Capitol, where a rally is scheduled. Organizers say about 350 vehicles were expected."

"The truckers are calling on Congress to stop subsidizing big oil companies, release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, and end exports of oil from Alaska, among other things."

"Many of the truckers drove to Washington from Harrisburg, Pa., and other areas to the north. One passenger held a sign that read "Enough is Enough." The sound of so many semi-truck horns blaring was deafening."


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

They must've been really pissed on July 15, 2008 when the average price of gas in the U.S. hit an all time record high of $4.122 per gallon. And I'm sure we all know those smart truckers took "Econ-101" too.

Where are all these Teamsters now that a DEMOCRAT is in the White House???? Any ideas on why they are not pressuring the DEMOCRAT currently in the White House? Hmmmmm?

Have any of you checked out what else was going on in the World during periods of high gas prices? I mean, did somebody go and start a war in an oil rich area of the world?

And then you got them unregulated speculators running up the price. Now who went and unregulated them dudes? I recall the gasoline prices rising at about the same time them regulations were removed.

And who said we had to support the price of gasoline with tax dollars. If you can't afford gas, take the bus. If your vehicle uses a lot of gas, get a smaller one. Or maybe even drive less and then whine less.

Now a loaded question: When gas prices went low, what else was happening with the government of the United States. I read posts about it all the time right here. Now's the time to see if you knew what you were talking about!

China noticed.

Wow! You can Google with the best of them!

One normally has to a UAW meeting to find men of such intellectual stature!

The US is producing so much gas right now we're exporting it. Welcome to the free market.

The United States is the largest exporter of gas in the World. So what's all the fuss about the Keystone Pipeline?

1. Canada won't run the pipeline across it's own property because tar sand oil is not good
2. The Keystone pipeline is and has been under construction for some time
3. The Obama Administration wanted it rerouted at the request of a Republican governor
4. Any gasoline refined from the Keystone pipeline will be exported

Even if a factual explanation was given (has been actually), the "special" people would still deny reality. What is so aggravating is that they support/vote in the same people who raise the prices.

So under Obama, oil production is at 15 year high. Our refiners are producing so much excess gasoline they are exporting it for first time in a generation, but gas prices are Obama’s fault because he won’t regulate them? Are conservatives really arguing that we should be regulating the oil companies more? Will they demand more regulation from their next presidential candidate? Where are the Tea Party rallies demanding regulation?

According to Popular Mechanics, one of the reasons gasoline prices have remained high despite the increase in domestic oil production is;
"The increase in North American production has overwhelmed domestic shipment and storage infrastructure. The inability to move crude efficiently around the U.S. has made some refineries reliant on Middle Eastern and African suppliers and therefore vulnerable to price spikes. Those increases are passed on to consumers at the pump."

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I call BS. Oil and gasoline are global commodities whose prices are set by those willing to pay for it. It’s cost effective to ship gasoline to China but not to Ohio? It used to be that conservatives argued that we didn’t’ have enough refiners or domestic production. Now we produce move oil and gasoline and the price sill goes hire and now it’s “infrastructure and transportation” keeping it high.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

What does that have to do with anything? What part of the Obama policy is causing high gas prices? Again, the price of oil and gas is set by world markets. Conservatives are the ones whining “drill baby drill”. Now oil production is at a 15 year high…where’s my cheap gas?

I hope gasoline rises to $10/gal, since it's a nonrenewable resource and we're using it up furiously and foolishly. This commuting culture with 2-ton average car weight and lots of single drivers has to come to an end. Hopefully, that ending is violent, since that will ram the lesson home: Energy is limited. Once we blow through the rest of our petroleum inheritance, there's nothing else that was so cheap, dense and practical at the same time. Nothing replaces petroleum.

This isn't an opinion, BTW. It's a direct conclusion from a sufficient education in physics, petroleum geology and economics.

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