10:43 P.M., 5 / 15 / 2013-a Point Place neighborhood hero, (for ridding the Point, of a serial sexual predator / flasher / pedophile-who now resides in Grafton's Correctional Penitentiary, for the rape of a 12 year old girl ), was celestial observing the Chi Cygni star, when he spotted a hand held flair from a sinking vessel with 4 on board , way out on Lake Erie.

The reticent hero ,along with his son called the Coast Guard, and assisted them in locating the sinking vessel with the help of a hand held GPS unit, Navy binoculars 20 power, and the North Star.
The Coasties ,rapidly found the vessel and towed them into a Marina on the Ottawa River.

Apparently, a water leak killed the batteries and everything electrical went with it.Plus,with only one flair on board, the sinking vessel appeared doomed.

Not to be !!

The rescuing citizens were contacted this morning by the Captain of the distressed vessel with an offer to buy he and his darling spouse a Hollywood Casino Dinner, for the life savings deed.

The Hero's , graciously declined the offer and instead, suggested to the rescued Captain, that since the Coast Guard, did all the hard work .That a lunch tray from Barry's Bagel's, to them would be a much more apropos gift.

The Captain insisted, that without us spotting them in the first place, that they would certainly be fish-food, and that something needs to be done for the effort put forth.

A heart felt Thank-You, was all that was needed and, was honorably received.

Ain't Life Grand ?!

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A Texas sized gift basket, and a monetary gift card to the Hollywood Casino , on our wee humble cottage's porch today, dropped off anonymously !!!

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