Hitler-Ooops, Stalin-Oooops, Mao-Oooops, Obbammey's IRS-goes after America's Vicar of Christ

OBOZO, the dog eating, coke fiend,fatherless spawn- sinister, wicked, and thoroughly evil dictates & demands to the IRS, " go after the Reverend Billy Graham "?!

America's , Vicar of Christ, is targeted for IRS persecution ala how Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Chavez, Pol-Pot,et al-did with their way of payback, all to rid their hideous devil inspired agenda from going full speed ahead !!!!

The Mohammadden, Chicongo Way "president", is as wicked as any terrorist who has murdered real American's, in COLD BLOOD !!!

And, Liberal heathen scum do not care ?!

I didn't mind when they went after the Jews, I wasn't Jewish.
I didn't mind when they went after homosexuals, I wasn't homosexual.
I didn't mind when they went after gypsies, I wasn't a gypsy.
I didn't mind when they went after Catholics, I wasn't Catholic.

Yes indeed, heathens like the bacteria that post here are seeing what real American's, real human beings, real Christian',s real men and women, have seen from the FIRST !!!

THAT OBOZO & his fellow traveler sycophants are as evil, wicked, and sinister in their inhumanity & horrid governance, that history is repeating itself AGAIN and LIBERAL SCUM, fail to recognize any of it !!!!

God, are you heathens STUPID !!!!!

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That's terrible. Religious leaders don't commit crimes.

dog eating, job killing, net worth killing, home value killing, coke fiend, whose grandmother, is a typical white woman .

Eat your peas moron and pay $3.55 for gas.....God-are you liberals stupid and godless.

$3.75 today. Interesting how they keep it just under $4.00 so that Obamabots don't wake up. Wasn't it Bush who was supposed to have all the "oil buddies" who were keeping oil prices high? Prices under Bush were far lower - so it must BO who has all the REAL oil buddies. One of my guesses is that they collect more federal taxes the higher gas prices are - and bobo is completely comfortable with $4.00 per gallon gas. That must be "compassionate liberalism".... bleed poor folks dry and laugh up your sleeve at them.

He is impoverishing the already impoverished, and they still worship him. An amazing thing to watch.

economic boat Obozo & the Gimmerats , have put us all into !

It's like these cowardly liberal ,sissified morons are paying $1.82 for gas and we are paying $3.79 ?!
Or, that these scum liberal pansy nancyboys, have a 4.5% unemployment rate and we have a 12.9% rate ?!
Or that , their homes have INCREASED in value under this regimes Fascism,and ours have plummeted ?!

How convoluted and biased do radical weirdos have to be, to eat the scat Obbammey continually feeds these obtuse jackasses , munch on the scat sandwich thoroughly, roll it around in your mouths, and say YES, it tastes GOOOOOOOD !!!!????!

God-dissolution in idiots is a gas !!!

No meaningful thought here. Computer does not recognize homes fries and sandwiches for dinner.

your votes indicate the same zero sum strategy.

Maybe a Life's Review,with what ever god ( godabortion, godhomosexuality, godBIG GOVERNMENT WASTE , godFascism, etc.) you heathens pray to is in order...advice from someone who has seen The Light, 4 times.


The SO CALLED Religious leaders that commit crimes, Graham is not one of them in my opinion, and this is not about commiting crimes, its about Graham posting Pro-Abortion articles and Bibical princples. Hence the current IRS event. Do you believe in the Constitution Zey?, Do you believe in God Zey? If so you would be in that same category as those the IRS was targeting...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Like many other people I know I'm am already a target of the IRS.


Why because your cheating the IRS or because of your beliefs? Your avoiding the Question..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

He does that. Avoids legitimate questions he does.


People who run cash business are always under the scruntiny of the IRS. I'm keep excellent records and I pay every dime of taxes I'm supposed to pay. I don't accept checks or credit cards, and therefore, I've never had a problem with a bounced check and I don't have to pay credit card companies their service charges.


Your missing the point and the question...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I get the point and the question. This the answer I chose to give you.

So in other words he refuses to answer your question because he can't defend it.


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