IMPEACH OBOZO NOW !!! America, cannot afford 3.75 more years of "fundamental change" !!!

"President" Hussein Obozo-the fatherless,Nigerian or Indonesian Royal Family member,dog eating, coke fiend heathen liar from Chicongo, has to go !
1) Fast & Furious-a gun running Obumbler scam that ended up with murders in Mexico & America-ran by Harvard tax cheating scum donors ( Eric Holder et al ) to Obozo.
2) Foreign Policy-Obbammey-renigs on defensive systems for the Poles & the Czech's, allows Israel to become more vulnerable by siding with his brethren in the Muslim Brotherhood, and let's both Russia and China, play him like the amateurish spoiled twerp he truly is,unguarded borders allows terrorists to freely come and go,etc.
3) I.R.S.-Fascist Obummer stooges go after pro-Israel and conservative groups like Hitler/Mao/Stalin, and Hugo Chavez all did in that special way of power mad , totalitarian,psychopaths .
4) National Debt-goes from $9 TRILLION to $17 TRILLION, all on folly and waste, shovel ready nonsense, and to European banks invested in Fannie & Freddie.
5) OweBaMaoscare Healthnightmare-2,700 pages no one read that has 15,500 pages of Fascist regulations, 24 new taxes, and health school mandates / social engineering to allow more stupid Obama voters, to become eligible for them .
6) Benghazi Murders & Coverup-Obozo-goes fund raising with other coke fiends and allows a 9 hour fire fight to go absolutely unanswered in any way , shape, or manner .The first time in American History, that a sitting U.S. President-did less than nothing to aid an ongoing embattled Embassy & Ambassador, and those tasked to protect them were just minutes away !!!
Afghanistan Deaths-GW had 463 in 7.5 years , Chicken In Chief Obbammey-1745 and counting in 4.25 years of liberal sissified & cowardly war leadership if there ever was one.
And on, and on, and on, with the criminality of this reprobate poser of radical liberal fantasies that are part and parcel of the deranged mind of an America hating, Liberal job killing, economic terrorist !!!

IMPEACH THIS WORTHLESS, COWARDLY, bastard before America,dies a Detroit Style 100% Demonrat Dictatorship /Unionized Death !!!

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What gives Mike Coon, you just said how proud you were when I’d call you out by name, but you went and created a new account. What's that, like 3 accounts in the last 4 weeks?

,frightened, sissy, warrants an Oscar Award.
You scream like Mary Gordon....

Get used to it wimp...the worm goes deeper.
Actually, you have to be used to it by now.
A frightened coward your whole miserable liberal existence...must be diseased & angst filled.

Laughing at a wholesale candy assed, mollycoddled, milksop, pussy like you will never comprehend !!!

So Mike Coon, why the new account? Why all the sock puppets? Do everyone a favor and go back to your meds...

There is a lot of socks in his sock drawer.

I think Mike Coon is a raging closet homosexual who is also a liberal that votes for every Democrat up for election in Toledo.

I've got the day off. Phone has rung yet. Maybe it will now!


We should have impeached Bush for being an idiot, but instead America let him be President for eight years. He is by far the worst President in the history of the UNited States and did more to destroy this counntry more than all the other President's combined. To add to the insult, now there is a move to erase all the aweful crap he did so history will show he was a great President. If we want to critisize Obama lets also praise him for leading us out of the mess Bush got us into. Right Wingers cannot accept the fact that a Black Man saved their ass.

4.5 % was torturous, 53 straight months of positive economic/ jobs and net worth growth after 9 / 11-was quite un-American, winning two wars with relative ease ( except for the nonstop whining of the anti-America liberal crowd) was a joke ,home values at their highest in recorded history was horrible, net worth's of real American's higher than in all of history was shameful, and food prices at their lowest in a families budget- was just plain terrible, and etc.

The BOOMING GLORY Daze are here now aren't they moron ?!

Liberals-when they aren't cowering in corners paranoid out of their brains, lie like no one knows that they are ?!

Delusional and stupid...nothing really new there.

Your post is total crap. Bush caused just about everything that's wrong with this country from the time he was elected to present day. It will take another ten years to recover from Bush's mess. Obama slowed and stopped the slide, but when he became President the Right-Wingers spread their rhetoric to try convince all of us that Obama was expected to wave his hands as thoughh he was Moses parting the Red Sea and everything would be okay. Afterall, Black people have been bailing out Euro's for centuries.

Just remember asshole, Congress, make all Laws.

And, since Demonrats, have held Congress, 52 of the last 60's your team that's killing America. No bloody doubt at all about it !!
When R's run Congress, the budget is either balanced or we are in BOOM TIMES MORON !!!
Playing stupid doesn't work when government / civics/ and historical FACTS,are easily there for retrieval.
Gimmerats-destroy all that they touch, see or do-like in Detroit, Toledo, Chicongo, St.Louis, NYC, LA, anywhere and EVERYWHERE Demonrats, govern 100% !!!

FACTS ASSHOLE VS your typical lying inbred delusions....

You can always tell when someone is upset and made to look the fool: NAME CALLING His parents must be so proud.

And on top of all the falsehoods, he doesn't know how the United States Government works. I blame poor schools and bad parenting.

Descriptive tags is not name calling moron !!!

Your liberal parameters/rules, are as shallow & vapid as you post....remember-taxes are contributions and abortions-are a woman's health issue or some scat like that,you idiot cowardly liberals preach.

It's difficult to match a liberals cold blooded hate, cowardice, and nonsense....especially, when they are so goddamned stupid.

Your cum sucking mother was the one who was so goddamm stupid for not aborting a pathetic turd such as yourself. Typical right wing closet queer conservative, coward runs his mouth on a message board. Another wspd/bain rectum cleaner.

Too bad moronic cowardly sissies such as yourself project all the wickedness I've read about my whole Life.
You are as typical as dirt...nothing really new about scum being...scum, is there ?

How's the gas budget doing asshole ?
Food budget ?
Eat your peas nancyboy....

Lincoln-Dougla, Kennedy-Nixon, Darrow-Bryan and now Willard-Tater

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

If Republicans are so good, how come the biggest economic crashes have been when they are in office? Republicans support a system that is Facist based.

Newark,Flint, Gary, New Orleans, all toilets destroyed by 100% Demonrat, vote buying scum like everyone you've ever voted for in your entire miserable liberal life.
Don't see any correlation at all do you moron ?

Those were Republicans masquerading as Democrats in those cities. They lied about their political ideoloy to the voters to get elected and Republicans are by far the best liars we have in this country. You'd think the Rebublicans must have workshops to train their politicos the art of lying and deception. Example: George Bush first term - "No new taxes" . Four years later George Bush campaign: "We'll have to raise your taxes". After eight years of Reagan's tax and spend regime the Country elected a true Democrat, Bill Clinton who left office eight years later with a surplus.

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

How could the world community have any respect for us when we elected this clown.

paying $3.55 for gas VS $1.82-an indication of a Scott GED.

And, love 12.9% unemployment VS 4.5 %-verification that mathematics classes were the ones you earned F-'s, in at Libbey H.S.

As your home values,incomes, and net worth's plummet-your approval of this economic tyranny,indicates that any economics or finances classes you scum took, were the ones you were dazed at in and ,dropped out expecting F-'s, in them also...Woodward GED's, do not allow for math progenitors at all.

And, as your dog eating, coke fiend , sissy, "President Hussein Obozo-has a 250% + American soldier Kill Rate in Afghanistan VS GW's- in half the time-the military geniuses you fall on your knees for must come from the General Custer School of Preparation !
One more indicator that your Waite GED, doesn't cut it.

And, as you liberal infected bacteria vote for Kapturd, Gerken, Oily Brown , et al, your Scott GED's, shows true to Nature, that you are vapid, mooch class citizens as lazy and dissolute, as any babbler ,welfare rat on the Eastside.

She's a typical white woman, Carty-has changed, TARP-worked, 800,000 new hires will occur when OweBaMaoscare Healthnightmare Law, passes,.....laughing like at a Red Skeleton / Jonathon Winters show.......

All these things were intiated by Bush well before Obama got into office to take care of the Bush Buddies. It surfaced when Obama took office. We are just starting to pay for the Bush Administration's plans to rape the American people for years and decades after he left office.

reminiscent of the young boys who are employed as official ass wipers for those gigantic Sumo wrestlers in Japan !!!

Nice job qualifications you've earned wonder you're a Demonrat !!!

I love it when you hand out compliments.

Your qualifications as one are immense...

Hey, Tater Tot, did you see the article on Yahoo News about you? Ohio is the most foul mouth state in the U.S.? The article left out your name, but we know who it is.

other than that frightened little girl senselesssally....BOO !!

Look at the pansies JUMP !!!!


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