Obama is losing Court battles on BOcare

That was my original purpose in posting this link. I made the mistake (in post below) of mentioning minors' access to abortifacients. While that is disgusting - IT IS A SEPARATE ISSUE. This is about BOcare forcing religious organizations to violate their convictions and pay for abortions. The thrust of this article is that... YAY!!!... courts are recognizing [in this case, the administration is AFRAID they will look like fools & therefore backed down from their court action]... that in the United States of America they CANNOT (yet) with impunity, abrogate religious freedom. Not yet. ('Fraidy cat Roberts notwithstanding.)


The Catholic Church has already said WE WILL NOT COMPLY. And it's beginning to dawn on the "foreign student" in the White House that he is going to be defied on this, and that it will look bad for 2014 if he loses too many court battles over this.

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times that OweBaMaoscare Healthnightmare-was NOT a tax ?!

True, in the strict sense of the word TAX.

It is in fact 24 new taxes, social engineering in dental/medical/nursing/parmedic schools to allow dumb Demonrats, to get into the medical field where otherwise, they wouldn't stand a chance in a trillion !!

Oh, and the Death Panel's, are definitely in this Fascist madness.

Birth control pills are not "abortifacients"...

Plan B is not "abortifacient"

Please go back to remedial health class. Both drugs keep a woman from getting pregnant.

Again, you link to the World Nut Daily? Great articles:

Proof that ancient man lived with dinosaurs!
Link to FEMA Banned video
Obama Sending Secret Signals in Speeches

Do they spread these untruths knowing that they are untrue? If so, how do they reconcile that with their "God" beliefs?

with official credentials on Capitol Hill. Your problem, naturally, is that you object to any organization run by Christians. And owner/editor Joseph Farah is a believing Christian.

Your hatred of Christian believers - that is strictly your own petty, childish, little problem. My reaction to any and all of your (in effect) anti-god posts - ho hum, booooring. Who cares what you think about anything. Nevertheless, can't have you mis-stating the issue and muddying the waters on the facts.

Here is an EXCERPT from the above link, which you obviously did not read. It's about a legal case in a U.S. court of law, and it DOES have to do with abortifacients - which all of the officers of the court in this case - on both sides - acknowledged. It's not their fault you are a one-note brainless idiot who can't understand a simple court case.

"Tyndale, of Carol Stream, Ill., went to court because it objects to providing abortifacients, as Obamacare requires of every health coverage plan.

Tyndale, the world’s largest privately held Christian publisher of books, Bibles and digital media, won in a lower court, which ordered that the abortifacient requirement not be applied to the publishing company."

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/obama-surrenders-in-abortion-pill-battle/#UX3...

A brief can say anything, doesn't make it scientific fact. Do you think birth control is

She has proven over and over again that she doesn't understand the science of human reproduction. Your first clue should have been when she led off with the joke that WND is a valid source of factual information. It, like The Blaze and Daily Caller, are known to be jokes.

What confuses me is they rant on and on about freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, but then go on to claim their personal beliefs trump anything the Constitution says. And all those countries they call evil have governments based on exactly the same ideals she is demanding.

I don't mind have intelligent discussions with people, but there are so many of the "lessor" educated who feel the need to jump in and parrot lies they are fed from a "pastor" that doesn't even come close to having his follower's best interests in mind. I don't really care what they believe, but why can't they get it that I don't want to or have to believe the same load of crap?

Now the violent TROLL who has been on this and other message boards morning, noon and night , is now a LEGAL (?) expert (?). What a laugh.

For any lurkers, Trollie Wollie doesn't even believe that the above-mentioned court case is not about abortifacients. That is ALL it is about. It is not about birth control pills. Further than that, I have never seen one post at this site against birth control. Pro lifers at this site are against abortion. Birth control pills are not abortifacients.

But Trollie Wollie already knows that.

Here's what Trollie Wollie wants to divert attention from:


... and will continue to lose, because this is not a communist country (yet).

If you've been good and read your book of fables Bible, you know you should help your neighbors in need. This summer let us not write those big checks to the scammers foreign mission organizers, but stay home and help your neighbors in need here. So instead of building those totally unneeded new huts in South America, let us support needed health care for the poor in North America.

on feeding & clothing the poor in this country - really since its founding. It's always interesting to note that the Hollywood types (and their worshipers), don't seem to get social consciences, nor get their hands dirty helping the down and out, until they are aging and have made their millions. And even then, they rarely actually get their hands dirty.

Oprah Winfrey, for one, could always help young girls in THIS country, could she not?

Look around, and point out to me one SECULAR mission that helps locals who are down and out. I don't mean computer classes, btw - I mean REAL CONTINUING food/clothing/housing HELP. Clark Alcock, former director of Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission used to go during freezing days and look under bridges for homeless to bring in from the cold. I heard him say on radio once that often when the poor appealed at United Way offices in Toledo, they were re-directed to the Mission.

I went to college for a year outside of Chicago in the late 1960's, where YOUR messiah lived, btw. Where HE could have helped in a substantial way, in his day. Big surprise - when students from our Bible College went down into the projects, there were no "community organizers". There were no secular types down there with their sleeves rolled up, pitching in. There were no Oprah Winfreys caring about the kids there - who were hungry for help and attention. BIG surprise.

I went to college for a year outside of Chicago in the late 1960's, where YOUR messiah lived, btw. Where HE could have helped in a substantial way, in his day.

Obama wasn't born till 1961 and didnt' move to Chicago till 1985...Don't let facts start to get in the way of your hate.

Well, back in the late 1960's, Obimbo went by the alias Barry Sotero and went to a Muslim school in Jakarta.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Born in Hawaii in 1961 (In response to the conspiracy theories, the White House released the President's long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011), in Honolulu, Hawaii., he lived in Washington until 1962, when he and his divorced mother moved back to Hawaii. From 1967 to 1971 he and his lived with his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro (Notice that the dumbo liars can't even get the stepfather's last name right), in Jakarta. And the school he attended while living in Jakarta was a Christian school for foreign residents. His stepfather never adopted him and he never used that name.

And like many people, shorter nicknames are used among friends and relatives, Robert to Bob, William to Bill, Charles to Chuck, etc. In 1971 he returned to the United States and has resided here since then.

And what if I went to a Muslim school, doesn't the Constitution of the United States allow that under the First Amendment?

Why should Christians be ashamed? I was never a birther nor do I believe the President is Muslim but my faith doesn't mean I can't question the honesty of my public leaders, in fact, it supports the opposite.


Because in discussions with liberals, everything has to be spelled out in Dick-and-Jane-book fashion. (This part of this reply is to SensorA) What part of "in his day" did you not understand?

I know exactly when BO was born. I was there years before him, but not before many of his eventual communist mentors, like the Ayers family. Or that long-time pastor of BO's. Friends of his like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (later Ayers) were and are political radicals. Not people who actually rolled up their sleeves and helped the down and out in their region. "Notmy..." made the mistake of trying to "instruct" me, and denigrate Christians in general - when it's the type of people YOU & HE VOTE FOR who have no genuine compassion on the poor.

My point also was that people like Obama who put "community organizer" on their resumes, never tell you that "community organizer" does NOT mean they helped the down and out in any way. What these types did and do is "organize" neighborhoods to vote a certain way - for THEIR candidates. Helping the "community" never enters into the equation.

And by the way, since NMFR cares so much about helping people in THIS country [and who knows, maybe you actually do, NMFR] - WHY EXACTLY DID YOU VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS SENDING AMERCAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS AND JET FIGHTERS TO MORSI IN EGYPT? If you really care about the poor in THIS country - I mean honestly do - I am assuming you are not going to make that same mistake in the next presidential election.

In short you do not practice what you preach. And btw, I didn't see Jesse Jackson and his political ilk down in the Chicago projects in the late 1960's either. Nor did I spy any of them, or any liberal college professors, down at the Detroit City Rescue Mission in the mid-1960's. What I saw was lots of un-fathered little boys and girls, hungry for any help or attention they could get. I learned as a young teen that liberals, in general, are all talk.

How do you know when he was born, censored G--African record keeping isn't that precise most of the time.

And I probably should have put that another way. I meant, of course, that I know his age, and when he lived in Chicago. Personally, I make a practice of stipulating to the "date" and location BO claims for his birth,, because I have always been of the opinion that Obama LOVES the "birther" argument. It makes him look like an "injured party", and is a big waste of time, in general (in my opinion). The flat-out lies, that are proven lies - THOSE are interesting to me. Because he rose to prominence based on hundreds of lies, big and small, not to mention serious omissions, about his past.

There is a big bright color photo available on the internet, for example, of BO's grandfather with some kind of welcoming delegation, welcoming BO's father to Hawaii - a YEAR BEFORE BO CLAIMS HIS PARENTS MET IN A CLASSROOM. But even that is more or less a waste of time to point out to liberals. For life-long liberals, I don't even think BO himself is the issue. I don't think those types even care one whit about BO. It could be an actual donkey in the White House, and liberals would be that donkey's ardent apologists.

The main reason I post here is (as mentioned previously) for the lurkers. Hope springs eternal that people will stop and THINK for themselves at some point, given a little real information. The average American is bombarded with lies and misrepresentations on network tv. But every once in a while, a few here and there are "reachable" with the truth. My brother-in-law, for one, figured it out for himself. We live several states apart, and have never had political discussions. My sister just said she and he don't discuss politics, because he has never voted anything other than Democrat. Well in 2012, he voted Republican. He saw in 4 years that Obama was not who or what he claimed to be, and for the first time in several years, my brother-in-law's job was in jeopardy (he's still employed, but still worried). People ARE waking up, maybe too slowly, but they are waking up.

Did you notice how she blamed other people, but did not take any blame herself? Does the Bible tell people they should make other people do their "holy" work? Must be a new Bible.

So the Bible is a fable? Does that mean your an atheist?
b--- Before
e--- Earth

I would rethink that fable belief just in case its not.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

You can have your own religion and believe whatever you want. Please just leave me out of it because I don't want any part of what I consider hateful people. Don't I have the same constitutional guarantees you do to follow whatever faith I choose? Don't wave the flag in one hand, with a gun in the other telling me how to think.

"Please just leave me out of it" Well it was you who commented on it. And while you consider Christians "hateful" it was you who put down their religion. " Don't I have the same constitutional guarantees you do to follow whatever faith I choose?" Do you? Or do we have the right to put down your religion as well? " Don't wave the flag in one hand, with a gun in the other telling me how to think." The only one who has attempted to tell anyone how to think here is FG, but she is an insane religious fundamentalist. The problem is you take her seriously, she does not even represent 1/10th of the conservatives on this site.



"...she does not even represent 1/10th of the conservatives on this site."

You have no idea how reassuring that is. And by the way, the liberals call me conservative, usually followed by foul language. And the conservatives call me liberal, yet I bet I'm the only one of the group that is actually a card carrying Republican who has physically participated in the campaign of a Republican Presidential candidate.

No actually there are a few of us on here who have participated on campaigns.

As for FG she is crazy. She got on my case last July when she basically said anybody running for the GOP nod who wasn't Ron "King of crazies" Paul was not conservative nor would she vote for them in the general election. She calls me a troll because I call her out yet she posts troll threads like this one.


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