You Gotta Love South Carolina

or... to put it another way...Nikki Haley is smarter than I thought she was:

As Sen. Baucus said - BOcare implementation promises to be a train wreck.

Congratulations to all the states wise enough to fight back. I can never forget BO's fake tv town hall where he said that if (he & the Dems) were going to give the INSURANCE COMPANIES "ALL THESE NEW CUSTOMERS"... etc.

That's all this ever was - a gift to the insurance giants. And btw - Baucus saying it will be a train wreck is hysterically laughable, since he is pretty much owned lock stock and barrel by the insurance industry.

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...The Affordable Health Care Act has already been in effect for a couple of years and is working wonderfully. And why are you still quoting The Washington Times ? Haven't you been paying attention to how fallacious it is?

And while we're on the subject of costing the state money, South Carolina takes $1.29 back in federal funds for every $1.00 it pays to the Federal Government. And Senator Baucus is from Montana, a state that receives $1.77 back for every $1.00 it pays to the Federal Government.

Dang they owe us money, not the other way around as you suggest! Somebody needs to brush up on math.

(By the way, the U.S. Government laws take precedent over local nut laws. Can we say Brown vs. Board of Education?)

Still trying to figure out what the paragraph about the flow of federal funds in South Carolina and Montana has to do with states refusing to participate in Obamacare.

They are complaining about the Federal Government imposing things on them that they say will cost them money. Maybe they should start paying their own way before saying they are paying too much.

And so many of the states passing laws against the Federal Government don't seem to mind taking a handout from the Federal Government.

My guess is most people don't even know much about The Affordable Health Care Act because so many lies have been spread around about it, including here. Of course you can't expect much from South Carolina or Montana as they regularly show up toward the bottom of all education lists.

Handouts? really? the federal government DOESN'T make a dime, doesn't earn a living, produces nothing of any material value whatsoever. The only money it has it took from it's citizens. Now I don't begrudge the idea of a fair amount of taxation shared by the majority of the population for the basic principles the federal government was founded on, protect the sovereignty of the nation and international relations, along with some other functions, but to think that the individual states are to be beholden to the federal government for everything is just a little pretentious in my opinion.

Working wonderfully eh. Wanna take a poll as to what's happened to the premiums of swamp bubblers? By working wonderfully you must mean getting Health Insurance CEOs bigger bonuses.


There are many critical parts to Obamacare which are not working, much less wonderfully. For instance, the insurance exchange network was pushed back a full year since it was so dysfunctional.

All this is nothing more than Facists plost to enslave all of us and allow the filthy rich let us peasants serve them.

brings out the spawns of Hitler / Stalin / Lenin / Mao/ et al , every time the Pavlov's dog's liberals all are....

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I wonder what would happen if one us kills one of the King's deer?

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