Liberal's Hatred Defined In Examples-really, who could be this so hate filled and obtuse ?!

Liberal-I hated GW-when unemployment averaged 4.5 % over 8 years.
I LOVE Obozo's, 15.9% real unemployment for 52 months straight.

Liberal-I hated GW-when gas averaged $1.82 over 8 years.
I LOVE Obbammey's,gas prices averaging $3.55 over the last 52 months.

Liberal-I hated GW-when my homes value was highest .
I LOVE OweBaMao's,as my homes values plunged 35%.

Liberal-I hated GW-when American's net worth was highest in recorded Hisotory.
I LOVE Obbbummer, as American's net worth PLUMMETED $21 TRILLION.

Liberal-I hated GW-when 478 deaths occurred in Afghanistan in 7 years.
I LOVE Chicken In Chief Obozo, with 1,780 deaths in 4 years there.

Liberal-I hated GW-freeing 60 MILLION Mohammaddens in Iraq & Afghanistan.
I LOVE Obbammey's, immigration policy rewarding American Jihadists, with welfare benefits.

I hated GW-when the Gimmerats taxes, regulations, and unionized criminality-killed off 800,000 jobs per month after 2007.( after 53 months straight of job growth)
I LOVE Obozo's, losing 1,369,000 a month averaged over his entire job killing tenure.

I could go on with about 45 more statistics that are Depression Like, in Nature under President Hussein.
Toledo=Detroit=AmeriKa-all 100% destroyed by 100% Gimmerat fascism, unseen in all of American History

And, the most stupid, vapid, .yellow blade reading, MSNBC watching, Woodward / Waite / Scott GED, jackasses put reality into abeyance ?!

Liberals-Liars lie to the bitter end , which for them all is Tartarus....... let the moaning, whining, cry babying BEGIN !!!

REMEMBER LIBERAL MORONS -site Detroit or Chicongo, in your lies to buttress your delusions.

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I checked every one of your claims about averages while Bush was President and every single one was wrong.

Now pay attention my little one with the foul mouth and learn something:

The biggest recession since the 1930's Depression started in December 2007 and was considered over by June 2009. Let's see now, hmmmm........, now who was President when all this came down. Was it Carter, no that's not right,......Clinton, no he had already served two terms,.......oh I know, it was GEORGE BUSH, Obama didn't take over until the middle of January 2009.

Now the inflation rate had actually turned into deflation because prices were falling. But wait, I seem to remember gas prices in Toledo being over $5 per gallon. Dang, I forgot, Bush was President during that period too.

But hold your horses, I do know that the National Debt ceiling had to be raised during Obama. And Glen Beck says Obama is running up the debt worse than any President in history. And he would never lie.....but then there's the fact that the debt ceiling had already been reached when Obama took office, we were fighting in two wars, unemployment was the highest since the Great Depression and the Bush Medicare expansion still had not been funded. Still, Obama is the President and he should have done something. What's that? Oh ya, he has cut the deficit by 50%.

Well, there's still the fact that the Democrat controlled Senate can't pass a budget so we have this Sequestration going on cutting all Federal spending. Ya, if the Democrats have a majority in the Senate, it's their fault nothing passes. The Republicans hold the majority in the House and they pass stuff all the time. But wait, the Teabaggers in the 112th Senate have filed Cloture 115 times, effectively shutting down the U.S. Senate without ever having to filibuster, a parlor trick not available in the House. But the Republican majority in the House has voted over 30 times to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. At least they're not just sittin' around, right?

And we have no gas because Obama won't let 'em build the Keystone Pipeline. So there! Uh-oh, they are building the pipeline and have been for some time, just not over the fragile aquifer in Nebraska, a move requested by the Republican governor of that state. Even the Canadian government won't let them build the pipeline in Canada to the Pacific Coast because of the extreme danger to the environment. Hell, they've already had several spills they can't clean up. You were aware that all that nasty oil sand stuff will be shipped to the Far East, not sold in the United States? And have you never heard of the American Petroleum Institute? It's a little cartel run by the Koch brothers, but actually controlled by certain Middle East entities. They set gasoline prices, not the President. It a drawback of democracy.

And the home values crashed in September 2008, a full two months before the Presidential election.

And a 4.5% unemployment rate would only be something to strive for in a socialist state. Capitalist societies run around 6% because we are free to take time off and/or move between jobs.

Not grow a set and stop spreading lies. It makes people think you might be a loser.

Funny, I've lived in Toledo for 56 years and I never remember gas hitting $5 a gallon. It was over $4 for a relatively short while. During 0bama's watch gas prices have stayed fairly high for over 4 years now.

As for sequestration, stop whining, it was 0bama's idea, and it's not even any real cuts, it's simply less spending growth than usual.
The democrats had total control of the country for 0bama's first 2 years in office. What did they accomplish? 0bamacare, which is becoming a more obvious disaster every day.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

The democrats had total control of the country for 0bama's first 2 years in office. What did they accomplish? 0bamacare, which is becoming a more obvious disaster every day.

Wrong - Democrats did not have the 60 votes needed in the senate for those two years…

Gas prices are high right now because of global demand. The US has so much excess gasoline we’re shipping it overseas for the first time in 60 years. As long at the oil companies can ship oil and gasoline to China, our prices will remain high.

gas prices ?!
However, when GW-was a real American was 100% his fault ?!

Texas oil man, HALLIBURTON, wars for oil, HALLIBURTON,and a host of other delusional rantings from you puke eating , America haters, is still fresh in memory so, suddenly re-learning economics is just a cowardly pussies excuse all for your boy OweBaMao !!!

You miserable scum play the pretermit game like the lying heathen nancyboy cowards you all are !!!

MEANWHILE-in the Real World-suicides ar up 50% , under the Fascism of Obozo and the Gimmerats !
America's Dream-destroyed by the most vile, stupid, lying scum to ever walk Earth !!!


Yep that Socialist Bernie Sanders and Independent Joe Lieberman both caucused with the GOP didn't they.

What a weak response.


The new threshold to get anything passed for Democrats is 60 votes. The Democrats only had a 60 vote majority (including Sanders and Lieberman) for a total of 5 months. From July 7th – August 25th and from September 25th –Feb. 4th 2010.

In the former, there were several weeks that Democrats couldn’t get 60 votes because Ted Kennedy was sick, not to mention that congress was in its traditional summer recess for much of the July-August 2009 time frame.

So everything is Obama’s fault because he couldn’t pass everything he wanted to pass in the less 5 month window he technically had filibuster proof window of time.

Again – that even assumes that you can get the 60 Democratic caucus members to agree.

They did have control, they could bring what they wanted to the floor and block what they wanted. They could change the rules, there were enough RINO's in the Senate to get whatever they wanted passed, and if not they could buy the necessary votes even from their own party.

How long did they have control?


The Republicans were in lock stop to top everything and Democrats were relying on conservative Democrats from out west and guys like Lieberman who was a reliable Democratic vote till you needed him.

Tactic-of lie,lie,lie, lie, and lie some more and eventually-ignorant sops buy it as the Truth !

I mean really !!!!

Who are you gonna believe, your homes reduced value, your reduced net worth, your lowered discretionary income, gas prices, the TRUE unemployment rate of 13.9%, the labor force statistic of 63.3% lowest since 1960 & 90 MILLION real American's not working fully ,$17 TRILLION wasted on folly, OweBaMaoscare Healthnightmare-is cheaper, faster, better, and FREE, the 1,369,000 who lost jobs in April, border security, Green energy lies,Benghazi cowardly response from a coke fiend/ dog eater/ Kool smoking / dope smoker ....or rodeoclown's repetitious LIES ?!

rodeoclown's problem like all heathen, leftist-liars is-when the light comes on they scurry into cracks, and when they sleep, they hang from their feet in dark , dank, places !!!

rodeoclown's, attempts to clean up after OweBaMao and the Gimmerat's defecating, cowardly,and endless lies, is woefully ineffective as is replacing Obbammey's toilet paper with his tongue !!!

Hmmm, come to think of it...

Liberals are really a hateful people.

Really? You read Mike Coon's wacko right wing rant and you say liberals are hateful?

I gave up arguing with point.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

You use the same tactics as Coon. Do you think there's this large group of people who just read here yet are compelled to suddenly create an account to say "We'll said" or "You tell 'em" only to never be seen or heard from again?

You and Coon are pathetic and it eats the two of you alive that you can't post my address or any other personal information about me so you attack me and others as "anonymous cowards" but you hide behind anonymous sock puppets and neither came here willing to present your full identity. Instead in both cases your sociopathic tendencies got the better of you and that information was discovered because of those actions.

You are a high school loser who needs others to do your thinking for them and because you can't assemble a cogent argument you project yourself onto others and accuse them of doing what you do. You stifle intelligent conversations and turn smart people off of this site.

You hate that I know your tactics and will call you out on them. You hate that I do it regardless of political leanings and you hate that you live closer to Toledo than me yet I can legally vote there and you cannot.

You better get some sleep Fred comes on soon.

And now you know.... the rest of the story. Good day!


yellow blade's lies is, it makes worthless asshole posters here, seem to think that they have some sort of relevance or importance ?!

You assholes have zero importance or relevance,to anyone that's a real American, Christian, or is rational !!!

You yellow blade readers are the most stupid morons to ever exist -making you as irrelevant as the scat you assholes post !!!

I laugh at you pussies like you will never, ever, comprehend !!

Just seeing my name in print makes me know that "the worm", is embedded and it will never , ever, leave your rancid, putrid, ignorant brains....on the ground laughing at how unimportant you scum sissies are to me......except when I kick you in your yellow teeth !!!

Which is great, grand, and glorious FUN !!!

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